Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Uh, we needed more packing material...for all the stuff we ripped off from our employees!

In light of Enron's shredding of documents right up until last week, when they were physically stopped by armed feds who took it all, I have but one question to ask at this time. WHO DECIDED TO WAIT THIS LONG? OK. I have some questions related to that question. Did the DOJ tell the FBI and the Marshals not to storm the place? DId we not have a warrant? Did the Bushies order feet dragging while documents were being shredded? There was plenty of probable cause wasn't there? Did the white house tell Enron that there wouldn't be any armed federal agents at the building to pick up documents until yesterday? Who ordered shredding? Besides Chewco and Jedi, were there any other star wars references? Perhaps to Bush's Faith Based Missle Defense system? Is the president's name on anything shredded? How about Phil Gramm? Maybe one of the 34 white house people who owned stock or directly worked for the company? Any of their names on any of the shredded Enron or Anderson documents? Carl Rove? Laurence Lindsey? Bush's mother-in-law? Let the impeachment begin!

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