Sunday, January 20, 2002

My letter to John McCain (R, AZ)

Help me convince John McCain to run for president! Here are my reasons why in a letter to him. You can write to him at this address:
I'll never forget the horrible things the Bushies said about you during the campaign. When they realized you could beat them, they really went for your throat. You, of all people, had a real chance against this AWOL draft dodger who was snorting coke, drinking booze, and losing his Daddy's money while you were in that prison in Nam.

Unbelievable. There is obviously no justice in the world, or you would be the President right now. We need someone who can get all this soft money out of politics, someone who can put an end to the pork, someone who is a true American hero.

I am no Republican. I admire Jim Jeffords. I also admire Tom Daschle. I implore you to run as an Independent. While you will most likely pull votes away from Bush, thereby leading to a Democrat winning, I think that this would be a good thing for two reasons.

1) The Bushies are tainted with more than just campaign contributions from crooked companies. They are stockholders, board members, consultants, and lobbyists for these companies. While everyone keeps talking about Enron's donations, what they are missing is that there weren't a lot of Democrats consulting or on the Board. The most prominent Democrat was in charge of the Washington Lobbying office, a prudent move on Enron's part when trying to force deregulation down the American throat. The actual company, especially the higher ups, were prominent Republicans, including 35 people in the current Bush administration.

Enron ties permeate Bush’s ranks
35 administration officials held stock, many had business ties

2) You would make the issues that really matter, like campaign finance reform, a subject of debate, thereby increasing their prominence in the election. The other candidates would have to make their position on the issue clear. Another reason I think having Daschle, or maybe Edwards of North Carolina, win instead of Bush is that they are more likely, I believe, to sign your bill into law. Bush has not only come out against your bill, but has raised so much money that there's no way he would possibly give up that edge. Campaign finance reform cannot go anywhere with this guy in office.

There are many other reasons, like the other possibly criminal actions taken by the Bush administration, their position on many other issues, like the environment, and much more. However, I believe the two above are plenty for you to believe that running as an independent for President is worthwhile. And who knows? Maybe people will be so fed up with the two party system that they'll actually vote for you!

Scott Supak

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