Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Fight the republicans voting for pro-bush stories at msnbc.com

The Bush junta released some more environmental bomb shells today, hoping no one would notice the truth under the despicable cover provided by Justice and Gail Norton. These two issues, the clean air act, and wetlands protection, are so important to Americans that Bush had to lie about them to get elected. He lied about Kyoto, and he lied about "no net wetlands loss." Read the stories below for more info, and don't forget that at MSNBC.COM, vote 7 at the bottom of any bad press for Bush and 1 at the bottom of any good press. Republicans have been focusing their internet thugs on this top ten voting system at MSNBC to keep bad Bush press out and good Bush press into the top 10 there. This is a very popular news service and their top ten gets a lot of hits, so this is a good way for our vote to actually count for a change. And we can get some truth in the soccer mom's faces.


Clinton-era Clean Air lawsuits OK’d

“This is the most cynical publicity stunt I have ever seen,” he added. “Look good ... by announcing you’re going to prosecute polluters — and hope nobody notices when you quietly announce that you’re gutting the very rules under which the polluters are being prosecuted.”


White House relaxes wetlands rules

“The Corps says that blowing up forested mountains and dumping massive amounts of waste into streams has only a minimal adverse effect on the environment,” said Howard Fox, managing attorney for Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law firm. “I do not want to see what they would consider a major impact.”


Interior's Silence on Corps Plan Questioned
Norton Never Submitted Fish and Wildlife Critique of Controversial Proposal to Relax Wetlands Rules

Jamie Rappaport Clark, a National Wildlife Federation vice president who was Fish and Wildlife director under President Bill Clinton, said Interior would not have abstained from commenting on a major wetlands issue during her tenure.

"This is just nuts," Clark said. "For Interior to stop Fish and Wildlife from commenting on something of this magnitude and importance, that's really unbelievable."


Don't foget to vote at the bottom of the msnbc.com stories! Let's see some truth make the top ten, instead of the Junta's spin....

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