Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Ken Lay's wife says they're broke, that the $300 million he made in the last three years is gone

Ken Lay's wife is either a stupid mushroom who's been kept in the dark and should be keeping her mouth shut, or she's a lying Republican bitch. Wait. Is that redundant? See, this story just keeps getting better:
Little sympathy for Enron Chief

In fact, NBC News found eight homes and lots in Houston and two in Galveston still owned by Ken and Linda Lay. It amounts to a total value of more than $10 million, and area realtors say none of the properties are currently listed for sale.

As of January 1, Lay still owned more than 5 million in stocks, including 341,000 shares of Compaq worth $3.5 million and 20,000 shares of Lilly, worth $1.5 million. He’s also entitled to an Enron severance package of $25 million.
Hey, I want to go broke like that!

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