Sunday, January 13, 2002

Impeach Enron, er, Bush, ah, what's the difference?

Bush wished they'd stop asking about Enron and start asking about his cocaine use again.I've been reading the Enron stories at MSNBC.COM. Good writing. Still a few honest, objective people over there who aren't "won over" by Resident Bush's "way" with people (or by their conservative CEOs demands they ignore this story). What's funny is that MSNBC has a top ten list. At the bottom of each story you can vote on its importance, and that vote gets counted toward's the story's ranking. Apparently, some Republicans have been spreading the word about this MSNBC feature because only stories that are flattering to the Resident make the top ten. Even with a flurry of well written stories about Enron over there, not a one of them has made the top ten. The Bush stories in the top ten are all about his paltry urban clean up plan (we're supposed to think this makes him the environmental president?), and his Education plan (because if you "teach a child to read and he or her will be
able to pass a literacy test"), while the stories of W trying to make it sound like "Kenny Boy" isn't really a friend are probably being given one's (the lowest rating) by the young Republican thugs club. Meanwhile, Dickhead Cheney still hasn't released the info that Henry Waxman and the GAO have asked for about his Energy "policy" meetings with Enron, and other, executives. I remember Republicans telling Clinton that if he had nothing to hide, he should just turn over the documents. What's up, boys? Something to hide?

So, go to and vote seven for the anti-bush stories, and one for the pro-bush stories. Let's get some truth in the faces of the soccer Moms who will determine our next president.

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