Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Enron Sailed into a Perfect Storm

Enron and the Bush administration are stuck together like two dogs on the front yard - throw some cold water on them! Go read another damning Enron story that details Republican ties to the crooked company. Vote 7 at the bottom so this story will make the top ten and maybe get some swing vote interest!
Buried in the confusion that followed the Supreme Court ruling that iced the election for George W. Bush, Sen. Gramm stuffed major commodity deregulation language into an appropriations bill that passed in December of 2000. The move insured that there would be no public debate and little scrutiny of the language. The language “allowed Enron to operate as an unregulated energy-trading subsidiary,” Slocum said. “Operating a commodities exchange with no transparency and no accountability, Enron was able to command for more market share than before Gramm’s legislation,” he wrote in his Public Citizen report.
One last thought, here. According to some [fuzzy] political math that George Will quotes here, Democrats have to win 75% of the "close" house races in order to take back the House of Reps.
So for Democrats to gain the six seats necessary for control of the House, “they must win 18 of the 24 closest races, a 75 percent victory percentage.” Cook notes that six is a small number out of 435, but 75 is a very high percentage.
Funny, isn't 75% the percentage of Enron political donations that went to Republicans? Hmmmm. Of course, that's not counting stock options, consulting fees, and salary, of which members of the Executive branch and the wife of a Texas Senator took the vast majority.

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