Friday, July 19, 2002

“The hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions made by the wealthy and powerful profoundly shape public policy. The end result of that process is that Congress pays far more attention to the needs of the rich, than to ordinary citizens.... [We must have taxpayer funding of elections] otherwise our capital will continue being a playground for corporate lobbyists.” —Rep. Bernie Sanders, Socialist, Vermont

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Brian's Hawaii Vacation with Inflatable Spider Man

In the tradition of the Gnome Liberation Front, Brian--one of the stage managers here at Lion King Los Angeles--has taken his inflatable Spider Man on vacation to Hawaii. Sometimes we worry about Brian, but hey, worryin's what we do. We're just happy that Brian has found a way to release his weirdness that even airport security seems to think is harmless.....

“By any measure you want to use, Halliburton has been a great success story.” —Dick Cheney. Source: Michael Cooper, NY Times Aug 25, 2000

“We don’t discuss Halliburton issues.” —Mary Matalin, Cheney’s chief political aide. Source: Allan Sloan and Johnnie L. Roberts, NEWSWEEK

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I'm still waiting for Jerry Falwell to tell me why God is punishing Texas....

Could it be for letting the antichrist takeover the country? Hmmm... As an atheist, I can easily say that disasters are all random. But, as a strict determinist, Mr. Falwell is stuck having to explain this one. Are there too many gay people in Texas? Maybe there are too many people with dark skin? Jerry, have you talked to the enlightened people at bob jones University on this one?

Oh, that's it! Bush put a hugely disproportionate number of minorities in prison, where homosexual relations are infamous, and where, conveniently, those minorities can't vote. Since minorities tend to not vote for Bush, this got him elected, but, it has now invited God's wrath, because all those dark-skinned people are having sex in prison. Damn, Jerry, what a dilemma! Get Bush elected by locking up people who would vote against him, or invite God's wrath.... What to do? Well, Jerry, W could have just done what his brother helped him do in Florida: just say all those minorities spent time in prison, so they're still not allowed to vote, but at least they're not having gay sex in prison.

I know this gets you excited, Jerry.... All this talk of gay sex, dark skin, and bondage.... Just let me know why God is punishing Texas and I'll leave you alone.

Of course, I think today's report that oil refineries attract lightning is very interesting when it comes to that God's wrath stuff.....

Meanwhile, in the real news, Bush continued to talk out of both sides of his silver-spoon fed mouth, condemning the very business acts he perpetrated with pride (and presidential cover from his old man). Cheney is hunkered down in a bunker again, this time avoiding the bombs from Judicial Watch, a very CONSERVATIVE organization that is suing him, and Halliburton, for ripping off investors when they LIED about earnings.

Just wait, these dog waggers will be inventing some sort of international crisis soon. The heat is a little too much for them right now, their lies are getting tired, and they need a sideshow to feed the media....