Friday, January 18, 2002

Bush is a Liar

Like this is a big suprise. The fun part about this one, aside from the documentation, is that he's doing it to distance himself from Ken Lay, of Enron. And he's trying to pin "Kenny Boy" on Ann Richards, the Democratic Governor of Texas who Bush beat in 1994, with the help of big time Enron money.

Get this story of Bush's outright lie from the Houston Chronical:
When asked about his ties to Lay on Thursday, Bush suggested that he only inherited Lay as a political supporter.

"He was a supporter of Ann Richards in my run in 1994," Bush said. "And she did name him the head of the Governor's Business Council, and I decided to leave him in place just for the sake of continuity. And that's when I first got to know Ken and worked with Ken, and he supported my candidacy."

But Texans for Public Justice, an Austin-based campaign finance reform organization, said Lay and Enron financially favored Bush in the 1994 race and said Bush had "revised history."

The group said Richards received $12,500 from Enron sources during the 1994 election cycle. But contributions from Enron's political committee and executives totaled $146,500 for Bush, including $47,500 directly from Lay and his wife, Linda.

"President Bush's explanation of his relationship to Enron is at best a half truth," said Craig McDonald, the group's director.

The White House, however, stood by the president's assertion that Lay supported Richards.

"Mister Lay was a supporter of Ann Richards during the 1994 races. The public campaign records clearly reflect his support. Any other suggestion is revising history," Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said Friday.

As evidence, McClellan cited the dates of the campaign filing reports showing that Lay gave Richards a $10,000 contribution in October 1994, shortly before the November election. He also gave her a $2,500 contribution in July of that year.

However, the reports also show that Ken and Linda Lay gave Bush a $25,000 contribution in January 1994. But McClellan said that was during the primary season. However, Bush faced no primary opponent that year. Linda Lay also gave Bush a $12,500 contribution during the general election in October.
We have to get rid of this lying scumbag. Since that's unlikely, we need to get control of the House (and further control of the Senate) away from his deregulation crazy Republican asshole buddies.

Key Senate Races
(Democrat to vote for in parenthesis)

North Carolina (?), Oregon (?), New Hampshire (Shaheen?), South Carolina (?), Missouri (Carnahan), South Dakota (Thune), Louisiana (Landrieu)

House Races
Well, just tell all your friends to get out and vote for Democrats. We need to protect ourselves from these greedy zealots. Controlling both the House and Senate is the only way, short of impeachment. We can always hope.

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