Friday, August 31, 2001

Volcano Steam Plume - visible for miles

Steam plume from lava entering the pacific ocean on the big island of Hawaii. Click for the Hawaii pictures sized as free wallpaper pictures.We could see this volcano steam plume miles away. This shot was taken from about a half mile back. It doesn't look that far, but when you're hiking across the four year old lava field, it's a tough half mile that seems like more. We heard that the lave is spectacular at night, but I'm sure the hike with a flashlight is a tough one, even if you did it at full moon. The lava rocks are pitch black. For big versions of this Hawaii pictures, visit our free desktop wallpaper page!

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Moving, working, and building web sites

Sea Turtle in Khalu'u Beach Park on the big island of Hawaii. Click for big versions to use as free wallpaper pictures of Hawaii!Kinda busy lately, moving into the new house, working extra rehersals here at the Lion King (new Scar goes on tonight), and building the new web site of Hawaii stuff. So, only one new wallpaper picture up on the free desktop wallpaper page. But, it's a good one as you can see. This old girl was just rolling around in the light surf at Kahalu'u Beach Park on the big island of Hawaii. Great little shallow bay for kids to go snorkeling in! Click here to go to our Hawaii wallpaper pictures page.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Pictures from the big island of Hawaii

Lava entering the ocean creates a steam plume near Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii. Click to go get desktop wallpaper sized Hawaii pictures including this volcano picture!Made some desktop wallpaper sized versions of this shot today, and got one close-up of the lava, but the close-up is intentionally over-exposed to make the lava easier to see. Go to our free desktop wallpaper page to see them. What an adventure to get to this flow! Spencer and I started by going into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, driving all the way down to where the road ends because the lava rolled over it in 1997. The ranger there said that the flow that was visible there had ended the day before. If we wanted to see lava, we'd have to go back toward Hilo through Kea'au and south to the ocean where the only active flow was going. So, back we went, 40 miles in the car and another 2 over lava rock to get to this spectacular view of a black sand beach and molten lava pouring into the ocean. The steam plume was visible for miles! And, finally, Spencer and I saw real, molten lava!

Real molten lava on the big island of Hawaii!

Monday, August 27, 2001

Wallpaper picture of a great Hawaii beach!

Keawekapu - Kihei Maui Hawaii beach wallpaper picture! Click here now!Not a lot of time today, but I did manage to crank out another free desktop wallpaper, this one of a great snorkeling beach on Maui, in South Kihei, right by the Five Palms, called Keawekapu. This beach has good snorkeling in the morning and a nice little shore break in the afternoon. Good beach for kids, just watch out for the rocks. We have some more pictures of this beach coming. It has a great view of Molokini! Keep checking our free desktop wallpaper page for more Hawaii pictures!

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Even More Hawaii pictures

Hookipa Beach Park Maui Hawaii windsurfing beach. Click to get big versions for free desktop wallpaperI managed to get a couple more Hawaii pictures done today for use as free desktop wallpaper pictures, and I registered the domain name for the new site just for Hawaii stuff, called, aptly enough, Nothing there yet, but there will be. It's going to have all kinds of info about Hawaii, from cheap airline tickets to Hawaii vacation rentals, from organic Kona coffee to Hawaii real estate, and a whole lot more, especially pictures. Lots of free pics of Hawaii.

I've been toying with this as the possible site description: Get free desktop wallpaper pictures of Hawaii from our travel guides to Hawaii vacations featuring Hawaii vacations rentals accommodations, rental cars, activities, tours, ecotours, and inside info on free stuff and cheap stuff to do in Hawaii. Hookipa Beach Park Maui Hawaii windsurfing beach. Click to get big versions for free desktop wallpaperHawaii posters, books, music, videos, Hawaiian coffee, photography, Hawaii real estate, and more!

If anybody can think of anything else I should put on the new site, please let me know! I want it to have all kinds of Hawaii stuff. Of course, if you are one of my search engine optimization clients in Hawaii, you will get prominent mentions throughout the new site, which will be, after all, a great way to advertise Hawaiian goods and services. Just write me at my name:

Saturday, August 25, 2001

More Hawaii pictures

A great view near Huelo, Maui, Hawaii. Click this picture to get the desktop wallpaper picture!I managed to crank out some more great Maui Hawaii pictures today, in different screen resolution sizes to use as desktop wallpaper.

The first picture is near Huelo, Maui, taken after hiking down a couple of hundred feet into a gorge next to our friends' (Jack and Jackie) house. Jack runs Word of Mouth Rent A Car where you get a good, cheap Maui rental car and they don't stand there with a stop watch to make more money from you. Jack figures that being good to his customers pays off, and he has a point. He's done no advertising outside his website and has a very loyal following of customers who love to save money renting his Maui cruisers! Jackie is creating a line of Maui perfumes and cosmetics as well as maintaining a Maui vacation rental near Hookipa Beach Park - the subject of our next batch of Hawaii pictures.

Kite Surfing. Click this picture to get the desktop wallpaper picture of these Maui kite surfers!This next picture is of kite surfing, the latest surfing craze to hit Maui. These guys get some serious air! Spencer and I were dumbfounded at the height and length of the jumps, flips, and spins these guys get! It's like flying! Click here to download this spectacular Hawaii wallpaper picture of kite surfing!

I'll keep making these different sizes of wallpaper pictures as fast as I can. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 23, 2001

We're back!

As Mark Twain once wrote in Letters from the Sandwich Islands,
I went to Maui to stay a week and remained five. I had a jolly time. I would not have fooled away any of it writing letters under any consideration whatsoever.
That certainly sums up why I haven't written anything here for the last week.

Poli Poli State Park, Maui, Hawaii. Click for big versions to use as your Hawaii wallpaper.Spencer and I took hundreds of Hawaii pictures--which we will be using to build our new site about Hawaii! We took pictures on Oahu, Maui, and the big island. I'll start building the new site soon, with tons of info on all the great places to see and things to do! And, we will of course let everyone know when it's ready! In the mean time, we'll be adding some of the pictures to So, if you want great Hawaii pictures to use as desktop wallpaper, keep checking in! Or, better yet, join our mailing list and be the first to find out when our new site about Hawaii is ready!

We would like to thank all our friends in Hawaii who helped make this trip possible! You all know who you are and Spencer and I thank you for your Aloha!

Wednesday, August 15, 2001


Today is the day Spencer and I leave for Hawaii! One day on Oahu, five days on Maui, and one day on the big island. We'll be visiting clients while we vacation, and taking lots of pictures (using my new wide angle lens). So, when we get back, look for lots of new, free wallpaper pictures of Hawaii! Can't wait to bring back some of Dr. Faust's organic Kona coffee!

Spencer and I will try to log in from the islands to keep you all up to date.... Aloha!

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Fast Food Nation
I have now been officially reminded to continue fighting the good fights, especially against multinational corporations that exploit young and imigrant workers, encourage unsafe food production techniques, and feed the worst quality and most unsafe food to our children, all the while filling the campaign finance war chests of Republicans in congress who continue to deregulate and even encourage these meat packing and agri-business conglomerates. The fact that Republicans have continuously derailed legislation that would actually allow the USDA to order recalls of dangerous foods, especially tainted, deadly beef, only shows how far in the pockets of these big, ruthless companies they are. Thousands of people get sick, and hundreds, including many children, die every year because of the filthy conditions that allow strains of deadly bacteria to infect meat. This could easily be stopped by slowing down production lines in slaughter houses, which would also reduce injuries and deaths to the workers on those production lines. But this would mean prices of beef would have to go up by as much as two cents a pound. Heaven forbid they should keep the prices the same and just lower the bonuses they give themselves for selling a deadly product that quite literally, has shit in it.

Eric Schlosser's riveting and sometimes terrifying book, Fast Food Nation, takes you inside the industries that make fast food invade the world, spreading disease, obesity, environmental destruction, worker exploitation, and many other imperialistic by-products. His investigative reporting style digs deep into the food production industries that have pushed family farms out of business, killed and maimed workers for higher profits, destroyed the environment of once pristine communities with huge feedlots, poultry farms, and chemically grown potatoes.

And yet, the book is not all doom and gloom. He points out fast food chains like In-N-Out Burgers who pay their workers well, give them benefits, and purchase only the highest quality, fresh food. He focuses on organic beef producers like Lasater Grasslands Beef who are true stewards of the land and the wildlife. The epilogue gave me hope by mentioning Conway’s Red Top in Colorado Springs, where they've taken care of their employees and used the highest quality, freshest ingredients for 50 years.

Finally, Schlosser reminds us that the best way to vote for the good guys and against these destructive practices is with our dollars. As he puts it, they'd sell us ogranic food if that's what we demanded. They'd give their workers decent wages and health care if we didn't eat there otherwise. He asks us to take a good look at what, and how, we eat, and to do something about it. Support your local restarauntuers who use fresh ingredients. Eat at places that make the world a better place, not a worse one.

I'll certainly be getting back to this issue. In the mean time, visit our organic gardening site to keep up with the latest on these, and other issues, that quite literally might save the world (and win valuable prizes)!

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Maui vacation accommodations

Four more days to Hawaii!

While on Maui, Spencer and I will be staying at three different Maui vacation rentals. First, it's Hale Hanamalia, near Haiku, on the Maui's north shore, near Hookipa Beach Park, the famous wind surfing beach. Then, it's up into the misty heights of Olinda, above Makawao, on the slopes of Haleakala, to Olinda Country Cottages and Inn, a great Maui bed and breakfast! Finally, we'll spend out last day on Maui just steps from the beach in Kihei, at Aloha Maui Getaway, a great Maui vacation beach rental. We'll be taking lots of pictures and building a new site about Hawaii when we get back!

Welding Art

My friend, fellow stagehand, and metal sculpture artist Kenny Baird is taking a hiatus from his spotlight job here at the Lion King. He always said that running front lights is what he does between welding jobs. Check out the pictures on his welding site and you'll see that he's one hell of a welding artist! Hey, Kenny, weld me a tree!

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Countdown to Hawaii! Spencer and I are really hyped about Hawaii! But first, a very busy week at the LA production of the Lion King (see backstage pictures at the Hollywood stagehands site). Rehersals for the new Scar. It's been really quiet at LKLA since stage manager David Lober left to be the primary stage manager on the Aida tour. No more jokes like calling a collection of kleenex left behind by the John Vickery, who was playing scar, what else? Scar Tissue.... Hope all is well with you, Lober.

Dana's book Lightning Field is rocketing up the sales list at amazon after the great review in the New York Times!

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Finally, a blog! While I post what's new over at when something new pops up, often I'd like to post more and just don't want to deal with the hassel. This blog thing is pretty much hassel free, and, I can do it from wherever - like Maui, Hawaii! So, when Spencer and I go to Hawaii for a week, I'll try to log on and post what's up from there! He and I are really looking forward to this trip. We have a lot planned for the trip, like visiting our clients! Yes, it's a business trip, but when your business is running web sites for clients on Maui, business trips can be a lot more fun!

Today, Dana Spiotta's new book, Lightning Field, was reviewed in the New York Times. Great Review! The sales rank jumped from 68,000th to 696th!

I added two short reviews of the books about the Supreme Court Bush v. Gore ruling, by Bugliosi and Dershowitz. They're on the GW Bush page.

So, hop on back to our site now by clicking here:

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