Friday, January 11, 2002

Bush chosen by God, and other right-wing nut spewings.

Bush was chosen by God? "A skeptic might impiously wonder why the Lord didn’t simply bless Mr. Bush with the actual majority of votes."


"In essence, the Federal agent who knew more about bin Laden than any living American was kept from investigating terrorist threats against this country. He was hindered because the Bush administration was desperate to cultivate the favor of the Taliban, who held terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden in great esteem, so as to gain access to lucrative natural gas deposits in Turkmenistan."


Village Voice Article from June 6, 2001
"Early this year (2001), the Taliban's ambassador at large, Hashami, a young man speaking perfect English, met with CIA operations people and State Department reps, (Laili) Helms says. At this final meeting, she says, Hashami proposed that the Taliban hold bin Laden in one location long enough for the U.S. to locate and destroy him. The U.S. refused, says Helms, who claims she was the go-between in this deal between the supreme leader and the feds.

"A U.S. government source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, made clear that the U.S. is not trying to kill bin Laden but instead wants him expelled from Afghanistan so he can be brought to justice. Acknowledging that Laili Helms does a lot of lobbying on behalf of the Taliban, this source said Helms does not speak to the Taliban for the U.S."

"The Taliban and Unocal soon became pals. The only obstacle facing the massive pipeline project, which would have linked Turkmenistan's vast resources to Pakistan's ports, was the United States' refusal to embrace the theocratic Islamic regime. Khalilzad dutifully played his part, urging federal policy makers to make nice with the Taliban. "The Taliban does not practice the anti-U.S. style of fundamentalism practiced by Iran," he wrote in a 1996 op-ed in the Washington Post, which was referenced in the Nov. 22 story."

" For example, according to the federal Web site for the fund, a 25-year-old with two children, whose deceased spouse made $10,000 a year, will get $740,000, while a person with no children, whose spouse made $100,000, is eligible for $3 million. Under Feinberg's scheme, the amount for each person is determined by a combination of factors including the victim's salary and "pain and suffering" damages, which are the same for everyone. But Feinberg weighted the calculation toward economic damages – building in inequality.

"Partners of gay and lesbian victims could be totally left out. The federal fund's regulations don't mention the issue, so gays are free to apply but may be turned away."

Ariana Huffington is really pissed about Enron!

"While many of our citizens prosper," the freshly anointed president said in his inaugural address a year ago, "others doubt the promise, even the justice, of our own country." And those nagging doubts are only aggravated by the behavior of Enron executives who continue to prosper even as thousands watch their jobs -- and their life savings -- disappear.

Candidate Bush was so eager to paint himself as a Compassionate Conservative he even dared to impugn the moral supremacy of the free market -- blasphemy in the eyes of his party's doctrinaire right wing.

"The invisible hand works many miracles," said Bush during the summer of 1999, evoking Adam Smith's famous paean to market forces, "but it cannot touch the human heart." This simple truth lies at the core of the need for fair and rational government regulation of industry. All too often, after all, the human heart is filled not with goodness, but with greed, selfishness and a desire for profit-at-any-cost.

Too bad Bush left this noble idea behind on the campaign trail. Since taking office, the hallmark of his administration has been an unwavering belief in the free market's invisible hand.

Then there's Lawrence Lindsey, the president's top economic adviser, and a former advisor to Enron, who went so far as to claim that the Enron disaster "is a tribute to American capitalism." And 9-11 was a tribute to Islamic ingenuity.


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