Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jerry Orbach

Jerry was well liked by practically everyone he worked with. He was, despite being a big star of stage, film and television, an average Joe. He always thanked the crew. He would talk to anyone. He reportedly took the buses and subways in Manhattan, where he lived.

When I was doing Lion King in Los Angleles, Danny Rutigliano (who played Timone), a good friend of Jerry's, often spoke well of him, and how they were off to play golf together. I've heard through my stagehand friends downtown here in LA that while he was doing Chicago at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion he would have a beer with the guys after the show and play pool, which he was quite good at. He was, I'm sad to say, a dying breed. Here's a quote from him as Detective Lenny Briscoe that seems fitting now, on this day of his passing.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Someone sent me Hollywood: Tinseletown Or Twinkieland
By Barbara J. Stock

My response:

This is such a joke. First of all, Kerry only lost by 119,000 in Ohio, maybe less if they count again, so I wish all you right wing dumbasses would stop acting like it was a landslide. Plenty of people in middle America can relate more to Tom Hanks than they can to George Bush, who was born with a silver spoon up his nose.

Tom Hanks was once a normal man. He's still a nice guy who thanks the crew. George Bush is a rich frat puke who's had every road paved in advance for him. He never had to work hard for anything, to which his grades, and his record, will attest.

Second, I'm getting sick of people who seem to think there is some magical heart of America, as if some asshole in a pick-up with a bible and a shotgun is more American than I am. That's the kind of "we're patriotic and you're not" shit that makes me wonder who the uniters and the dividers really are.

A lot of people actually saw Fahrenheit 9/11. I dare you or any other dumbass rednecks here to tell me one lie in it. You all talk shit about it, but not one of you has been able to articulate one single coherent, specific attack on it. And when you do, I suggest you check Michael Moore's web site. He's rebuked everything anyone has thrown at him. That's why people resort to calling him fat. That's all they got. Mike Moore grew up middle class, which Dubya definitely didn't, unless you count the crappy coke he snorted in Midland. That's as close to middle class as he ever got.

Watch Roger and Me again. Rent "The Awful Truth," his TV show, which is on DVD. I think it's amazing that you sons of bitches will put down a guy who has been defending unions and raging against the plutocracy since he was in high school, and you'll side with a guy who hates unions, wants to privatize the world, and got most of his contributions from Ken Lay and his ilk. You guys are defending a guy who is the opposite of the union working man, and you're trashing a guy who has stood up for the working man.

Just look up plutocracy.

Finally, I wonder if I can print this article, roll it up in a tube, and shove it up this bitch's ass when we do get attacked again. To suggest that George Bush, or attacking a country that even he admitted had nothing to do with 9-11, is why we haven't been attacked again, is the ultimate idiocy. I could list 100 valuable targets that are hardly guarded at all that could cause major economic and human losses if hit. What has Bush done about them? He attacked Iraq. They just snuck a fake bomb on a plane! What has Bush done about that? Spent over $150 billion of my kid's taxes on Iraq (and they still don't have armor). The fact that we haven't been hit again is completely up to the terrorists. Nobody can stop these people from attacking us. There are literally thousands of ways to do it. If anything, Bush has mad it more probable, because he's pissed off even the moderate Arabs. Now they all hate us, which wasn't true before.

If you think privatizing their countries is going to make them like us more, you're a lot dumber than I thought.

And to support Mel Gibson's violent piece of shit over Moore is so ironic. On one hand we have a guy supporting the working man all his life, and on the other a freak cult member who makes the Pope look liberal when he says condoms don't stop AIDS.

What hypocrisy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Response to some poem about a cold soldier that goes around every year

Happy crappy. What the hell are they defending me from? Honest government? Non-threats? Backwards poor people who's electricity was working too well? Press coverage of domestic problems? A job glut? An over-bloated dollar? All while the real threats were getting worse? All that BS about troops defending me from the horrible bad guy, be it us speaking Russian if we didn't stop North Vietnam, or finding Iraqi WMD by looking for a mushroom cloud over Manhattan, it's bullshit. No American soldier has defended freedom since WWII. Korea, Nam, Iraq, Grenada, Panama? Nope. No threats to us. No threats to freedom. Lots of people dead for nothing. Dead soldiers. Dead children, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons, grandparents. For what? Neo-con global domination? Oil? Israel?

Fuck Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Be Like Bush: Eat Well in Southern Maine

Long time friend of mine and organic gardening guru Mort Mather has asked me to tell everyone about his son's new restaurant in Wells, Maine. If you can stand to get that close to Kennebunkport and the Bush compound, or if you're a protester who wants to make the Bush family Christmas a middle finger fest for W, you're going to need a good place to eat:

Joshua's is Maine's newest fine dining restaurant featuring fresh organic food made from scratch. The vegetables are freshest in the summer when they come straight out of the Mather gardens planted especially to meet the needs of the restaurant.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Simpsons Sounds Updates

While we were adding a Simpsons T-shirts section to our popular Simpsons site, we realized we didn't have any Ralph Wiggum sounds. I said, "That's unpossible!" There are even more Simpsons posters now. And the first five seasons are coming out on DVD soon.

New York City pictures New York wallpaper

This new site makes it easy to post a bunch of pictures I've been too lazy to resize and post on one of the other sites. I've been meaning to get to these New York City photographs that make great New York City backgrounds, and now here they are. I have more, and I'll put them up one of these days, now that it's easier.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Computer Wallpaper pictures of Hawaii

I just uploaded a bunch of Hawaii pictures to use as free backgrounds for your web site or free desktop computer wallpaper! I'm using squarespace for this because it's so much easier than resizing a bunch of pictures, so you'll have to get the big, high-resolution version and resize it to fit your computer's desktop. There are some great pictures there, so even if you're just browsing (while wishing you were there),it's worth checking out. Don't miss the great lava shots from the Big Island!

Also, I just re-did a big section of our poster store and we're now offering t-shirts, fridge magnets, calendars, tin signs, note cards, and other cool stuff.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

We have some things for sale at our e-bay site now. Not sure why we waited so long. In our house, because of our environmentalist leanings, we tend to not want to throw things away. Maybe that had something to do with us not wanting to sell things. We've started off simple, a few old CDs we don't want, but I've also decided to sell some of the old comic books my Dad left me when he died. First to go is the most valuable, a 1958 Uncle Scrooge #20 comic book from Disney.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Salmon and Steelhead May Lose Protections: "...typical of this administration—ignore science, ignore sound economics and ignore the law."

That quote, from Nicole Cordan of Save Our Wild Salmon, nicely sums up the Bush administration philosophy on practically everything. When it comes to the environment, however, no administration in history has so blatantly disregarded science and common sense to help their campaign contributors. While many in the environmental community rage about the oil, coal, chemical, and other polluting industries that are helped by the Bush Junta, this particular bit of bad science is a big help to one of the lesser mentioned Friends of Bush: Real Estate Developers. And all you Arnold voters who like to remind me that he's an environmentalist, take note of this story. Because one of Arnold's biggest special interests (oh, wait, only unions and Indian Casinos are special interests to Arnold) are real estate developers.

Where are all the outdoorsmen who voted for Bush on this issue? You schmucks were so proud of yourselves for getting Bush to change his wetlands policy (which he didn't really do), now where are you? He doesn't need your vote anymore, so fuck you. Funny, that's how I feel about you, too. Until you start voting for real environmentalists, you're going to keep getting fucked like this, so break out the PETROLEUM jelly.

While environmentalist groups are going to fight these attacks on wildlife and habitat, there is little we can do. We had a chance to elect a true environmentalist in Kerry, and 136,000 red necks in Ohio decided to believe the Republican lies about Kerry wanting to ban the Bible, repeal the second amendment, and force gay marriage on people. Big Lies, indeed, and proof that at least half of Americans are dumb-ass rednecks who care more about their bigoted beliefs than the truth. Now where you gunna fish, Cletus?