Thursday, January 17, 2002

Lying, cheating, cover-ups, and influence peddling being ignored by Republican thugs everywhere

Gun nuts, American Taliban religious fanatics, even log cabin Republicans who screamed for blood anytime the Clinton administration even looked like it did something wrong...these people are all saying we shouldn't be going on witch hunts or fishing expeditions. The hypocrisy abounds, but they'll defend their protection of this corrupt asshole's administration saying it's different than Clinton. Damn right it is! This a hell of a lot bigger and more important than any blow job or stupid land deal gone sour. This involves top level administration people actually doing illegal and unethical things like giving a huge tax break to a company that hasn't paid taxes in 5 of the last 6 years (the House approved stimulus package, stopped by Daschle). It involves huge favors to Enron in the Vice Resident's energy policy. It involves records, documents, and other information about the formation of that energy policy which this administration refuses to release, despite requests that they do so from many different political bases, including their own and the non-partisan GAO.

Go to and vote a big fat 7 on this story. While you're there, vote 7 on all the other Enron stories. And vote 1 on anything else that makes the top ten. At the moment, help make ENRON the ONLY story. It's time to run these crooks out of town.

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