Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gourmet Grass Fed Beef Jerky on Sale!

Well, we've finally managed to get our long-dreamed-of gourmet grass-fed beef jerky business off to a very small start... We're bartering with our friends at Nectar Hills Farm for the beef. We're cutting back on everything else in order to at least attempt to sell Robin's delicious jerky--especially the new jalapeƱo and Ommegang Hennepin Ale spicy beef jerky, which sold out at last week's Cooperstown Farmer's Market!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Civil Disobedience by the Manichaen Paranoiacs?

Ethical arguments are always moved along by action, often violent. In a comment to a Whiskey Fire post on the Tiller murder, I wondered about the one thing that's always bothered me about these terrorists... Why do the run? Why, if they believe the law is wrong, and that they are committing not just murder but an act of civil disobedience, do they run and try to hide?

If their cause is so righteous, why not just shoot, and then sit down and wait for the cops, while you explain to everyone around you, as your victim lies there bleeding to death, how righteous you are?

This is an extension of the Manichean Paranoia exhibited, nay apotheosized, by the Bushies, that says, essentially, I am good and therefore I can do bad without being bad. Seeing the world in black and white leads to some stark conclusions and, in some cases, extreme actions. But if you believe you are good, that you just have to do bad to protect that which is good, then why run?