Saturday, November 24, 2001

A question for a Clinton hater who wants to end all welfare

Except corporate welfare, of course. Which brings up the question of "Where's Ralph?" Is Ralph Nader driving around Iowa and New Hampshire in a brown Ford Taurus, without body guards? No, because Nader would rather hand elections to Republicans than try to run as a Democrat.

But I digress. Here's a question I'm sending to Stephen Moore, Clinton hater extrodanaire and Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute, who really wants to see thousands of starving children in the street. It'll teach their lazy parents a lesson.
Go ahead and delete now, you chicken shit. You don't have the balls to argue this one, I'm sure. It involves starving children of which you seem to think there's not enough.

Hey, the fact that corporate welfare is alive and well and Ralph Nader can't be found to comment should make you very happy!

I have a question for you. When welfare recipients in 26 states are kicked off the doles this Jan. 1, and they and their kids start lining up on the streets begging for food, are you still going to claim that Bill Clinton's welfare reform plan (which really belonged to the Republicans in congress) was too weak? These kids that will be starving should just tell their parents to get a job, huh? Maybe a job in the airline industry, or one of the other big companies who the government is bailing out? Republicans have argued that giving out corporate welfare creates jobs. So, if we give billions away to all your rich buddies that got Bush's coup into the White House, then they'll create jobs for all these people who are getting kicked off welfare, right? Or maybe the churches will take them in. Jerry Falwell's church will be the first to open its doors to these new homeless families, right?

You should also be happy that the corporations that give Bush millions while purporting to be the free press are all looking the other way on this one. Will you look the other way when you have to step over starving 5 year olds on your way to your nice office or house? I know, I know, you worked for it all and deserve it. Those starving kids, well, all they did was be born to some lazy scum who didn't want a job. They don't deserve the same chance as your kids, although, if your kind had your way, they could thank you for not being aborted.
I encourage anyone to send this viscious bastard any questions you might have about how giving money to corporations during a recession creates jobs (it doesn't, but he'll have some ready made mumbo jumbo to tell you why).

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