Thursday, November 29, 2001

Ollie North Says Only Christians Will Go to Heaven

FUCK RELIGIONYeah, he didn't mention whether Christians who smuggled drugs into this country and sold weapons to terrorists would get in. I guess a really bad guy who recants and is saved at the last minute can go to heaven, but kind, gentle, quiet, ethical Muslims will not. These are the kinds of right wing nuts in charge of this country now. Is anybody else sick of this my God is better than your God crap? Break out the Buddy Christ and start recruiting the children for the next crusade! Hey, Ashcroft's already got an inquisition going! Let's have a big hoedown with Falwell and Roberts and all the other perfect people who will want to celebrate the news that they won't have to share heaven with the infidels! I am so sick of these people. I hope they are all in the next building to be attacked by terrorists. At least these assholes have done something to deserve it.... Especially you, Ollie.

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