Friday, November 09, 2001

Business tax cuts do not create jobs

Apparently all the Harvard Economists working for the Resident missed the day where any responsible Econ Professor teaches that Corporate Tax Cuts (corporate welfare) do not create jobs. The only time corporations create new jobs is when sales increase. When sales decrease, they lay people off. If you give a corporation a tax cut, that does not increase sales. If you give a poor or middle class American the same tax cut, they spend the money, which increases sales, which creates jobs. Coming to work today I heard another Republican saying we need to give these corporations money so they can create jobs. What a load of trickle down shit. It just doesn't work that way, as we discovered with Reagan's shit trickling down the legs of the rich to the poor. We learned from Clinton's middle class tax cuts that that money goes directly into the economy, instead of directly into a bank. Anytime a Republican says he wants to give money to rich people and corporations, you can directly translate that to mean "give money to the rich people who got me elected."

One way to create jobs is to have a war. The weapons manufacturers are doing very well. Companies that make smart bombs are doing very well. Interestingly, those companies are partially (substantially) owned by The Carlisle Group. The Carlyle Group is owned by some very interesting people, like Former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci (college roommate of the current Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld), former U.S. Secretary of State and Florida election rigger James A. Baker III, George Soros, Fred Malek (George H.W. Bush’s campaign manager, forced to resign when it was revealed he was Nixon’s “Jew counter”--further ties between the Bushes and Nazis, but that's another story), and George H.W. Bush himself.

To get into that, I'd like to print my response to a letter from that wanted me to send a letter to Bush saying, essentially, that "I believe love may be our best weapon to combat terror at home and abroad." While that is way to "touchy-feely" for me, I can understand the sentiment. I just don't understand why people would waste their time writing to Bush about it. Do they really think this guy will stop the bombing? All his friends and all his Dad's friends are getting rich building the bombs and cutting their taxes. Why would they stop? Here's my answer to these well meaning people:
You should start campaigning against Bush now. We must defeat this fraud who would shrug off your letter as a pitiful bleeding heart pacificist rambling. They are interested on ly in the manufacture and sale of weapons. The war in Afghanistan costs at least $1 billion a month. A lot of this money goes to weapons manufacturers, which are owned by the Carlyle Group, which James Baker and Jim Carlucci own $200 million stakes of, of which the Bin Laden family owns a $2 million stake, and for which former President Bush consults (he probably has a stake in it too).

So, welcome to another war for profit. Oddly enough, by going into debt to finance his tax cut, we are triply rewarding the rich by cutting their taxes and then selling them bonds which we have to pay off at 5% for thirty years, while we spend the money from the bonds on tax cuts and a war machine they build and sell to us.

"Beware the military industrial complex." -- Dwight Eisenhower

So, please, I beg you to put your energy into overthrowing this junta that took over the White House illegally.

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