Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Better Dead than Fed

The Republicans, so cozily protected by the Capitol Police (a federal work force) is telling American that we should be happy to have low bidders providing security at our airports. Well, this angry liberal just wants to wretch at this point. My friends say i need to calm down. But I say they need to get off their asses and do something about the right wing, big business, military industrial complex Ike warned us about. Why is it that when a man gets a blow job in the oval office the right wing nuts nearly start riots over it, but when Dumbya steals the election, puts his junta, taken from big business board rooms, in charge of giving our tax dollars to the rich and bomb makers, nothing happens. Everyone sits back and says, Oh, isn't it horrible? But what are we doing about it? All the people who voted for republicans because of guns or abortions need to get their heads out of their asses. Abortion is still legal and gun control will not go away. You've sold the store to a punk ass fraternity rich boy who couldn't find oil in Texas, was AWOL from the Air Guard during Nam because he was snorting coke and getting drunk on his daddy's money. He embarasses us all everytime he tries to speak.

Read the angry liberal's notes on airline security. I'd like see an answer from any republican Senator or Representative on this one.... Greedy fucks don't give a shit about this country - they just want to know what it can do for them....

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