Monday, November 05, 2001

Hawaii pictures! Click here!

New pictures from Hawaii

Just put up these two pictures of Hawaii over at This protea picture was taken at Olinda Country Cottages and Inn where there's a field full of them! This picture of Spencer was taken at Pearl Harbor from the bow of The USS Bowfin submarine, which is open for tours. It's really cool. And Spencer loved it when I banged my head so hard while crawling through a door that the whole sub rang like a bell!

I'm slowly but surely adding stuff to the Hawaii stuff site. I have plenty more pictures of Hawaii to put up there as desktop wallpaper pictures. This protea picture makes great desktop wallpaper! While you're checking out all our free desktop wallpaper pictures, don't miss the Italy pictures and New York City pictures at Robin's site. She takes great shots that make terrific wallpaper photos!

Hawaii pictures! Click here!

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