Friday, November 09, 2001

Bush Blah Blah Blah

Once again the Resident was stuttering through a speech that was all talk and no action. He described public health officials as "real heroes of America," but once again has done nothing to reward these heroes. Instead, he supports the House "stimulus" bill, which is just a big giveaway to Cheney's favorite energy companies (like Enron, which apparently couldn't keep track of the money these politicians want to dole out). Hey, Georgie Boy, if you really think these nurses, EMTs, fire fighters, cops, and other public service employees are the real heroes, then why don't we double their salaries? Or at least give them a big raise? Instead, contracting budgets from falling tax revenues will force layoffs, less work, and smaller pay checks. If the way you greedy Republicans dole out the cash is any sign of what you really believe, then your heros are the CEOS who make hundreds of times more than the average employee, even when the company is crashing and burning. The Bush heros are the corporations that got him elected who will be rewarded for moving their profits out of the country. That's the Bush patriotism. That's DeLay's patriotism. And then they say, well we have to give these rich people their money back, because they create the jobs, well, Georgie, I hate to challenge that MBA you worked so hard for, but if a company isn't selling anything, they're not going to hire anyone, no matter how much cash you give the CEO for moving money out of the country. Wake up people! This regime has to go. Evict Resident Bush!

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