Thursday, November 29, 2001

Hate Mail

I got this letter today from someone who apparently stumbled into my Bush quotes page:
Mr. Supak,
you can be as angry as you want about this past election, feel slighted, whatever. But how many times does a man have to win an election before he wins the election? The fact is that George Bush is doing an admirable job in dealing with this whole terrorist thing, although you being the liberal that you are will probably be against any kind of agressive action, and i can't even imagine how things would have gone had Gore been elected. I'd place my bet that maybe we'd lob some missiles and forget the whole thing, only so they could do it again. I personally think that the country is much better off with Bush as its leader and i think he has proven his worth and dedication to the American people. Sure, he has trouble with saying things correctly. I find it amusing as well, but we've all said stupid things. we all mess up our grammar and syntax occasionally, but that has no effect on the caliber of person we are. Moreover, the only reason your stupid phrases aren't posted on webpages is that you're not famous enough for it to matter what you say. You don't give interviews in front of cameras or speeches broadcasted nationwide. If you were famous and did have a microphone stuck in your face constantly, then maybe there would be a webpage about you...saldy, the internet is lacking :(
Danielle Karnes
Well, I suppose you never heard of the Gore commission report which advocated much tighter security at airports, making screeners federal law enforcement personnel, etc. When Bush stole the election (that's right, the media companies counted all the votes in Florida and Gore won), he tabled the commission findings and even agreed with the airlines that the proposals to save Americans from this threat were too expensive and bad for business. Now Bush and his fellow republicans are trying to give away billions in corporate welfare to profitable companies with no conditions that the money create jobs. This money will just go to the rich people who got him appointed as president, and, if you bother to read the bill, which I notice republicans are loathe to do, you'll see it actually rewards these big companies by making it so they don't have to pay profit on money they move OUT of the country. People are unemployed and unable to get unemployment in many cases. Many of these people are directly affected by the terrorism, and yet your compassionate conservative has said no more money for new york, no money for victims, just money for bombs and his rich friends.

Wake up, sweetie. This country was taken over by an oaf who is controlled by the same extreme right wing nuts that were mad when his Dad turned out to be a moderate.

I suppose you think killing abortion doctors is OK. Because Ashcroft the Pentecost has not investigated the Army of God for the Anthrax hoaxes sent to planned parenthood. Oh, and have you noticed how no one in the right wing got a letter. Only the liberal media and pro-choice politicians. I suppose you don't mind the government telling you what to do with your body. I suppose you don't mind letting people die of diseases that could be cured by stem cell research. I suppose you think it's OK to let Mexican trucks drive all over this country without inspecting them. I suppose you think it's OK to give your hard earned tax dollars to the rich. I suppose you think it's OK that Bush's family is invested in the Carlyle Group which makes money off of war. I suppose you think it's OK to ruin a pristine wilderness to drill for oil we wouldn't need if we increased SUV gas mileage by 3 - yes, just 3 - miles per gallon. I suppose you think it's OK to give children asthma and lung cancer by burning more coal instead of using alternative energy and conservation. I suppose you think it's OK to take billions out of Medicare and Medicaid, leaving poor people and their children with no health care. I suppose you think it's OK to kick people with kids off welfare, leaving them begging and dying in the street. Why don't you tell me where you live so I can send the little 5 year old I saw crying and hungry getting pushed around in a shopping cart by his homeless mother. Oh - wait - I know, you'll send the kid and his mom to church, where they can pray and God will make everything better! I suppose you think everything is OK - you don't worry about the environment, or health care, or any of the other things that actually help Americans. Because you're sure the rich people know best and will take care of you.

As far as what Gore would be doing in this situation, I think it's pretty damn obvious what has to be done here. I could do it. We certainly don't need Jr., who was coked up and AWOL while he was supposed to be in the Air Guard, which his father got him into to keep him out of Nam. Gore was in Nam - volunteered because he knew if he didn't go then someone else in his town would have to. Gore was Army. Bush was a dope head drunk. Our armed services are doing the job they are trained and paid to do and to suggest they would be doing differently under a president who actually served is utter hilarity.

Why don't you write me back when you've grown up and actually have something substantial to say. Oh, and by the way, I put up the bloopers because I think an idiot president makes us all look bad. The POTUS is supposed to be a representative of America. And, sadly, I guess he is, since there are so many idiots in this country who only care about god, guns and money.

Now if you'd like a little education on why people like Jerry Falwell should be strung up by their balls, and why Bush should too for supporting assholes like him, then read my real political pages:

And to see, interactively, how Gore won Florida if you actually COUNT ALL the votes (overvotes and undervotes), go here:

Then, when you take the butterfly ballot into account, there is absolutely no doubt who actually won. PLUS, the only way Bush could even get close is because small red-neck states have their votes count more than bigger states, because of the bonus votes in the electoral college based on a state's senate seats. So, a vote in South Dakota actually counts twice as much as a vote in California. Now that's real patriotic, huh?

And, you know, the insinuation that even if Bush didn't really win we're all better off because he's in there now, after the attacks, is utter horse-shit. That's like saying, hey, we should put Pat Buchanon in there even though he only got 1% of the vote, because he'd really be tough on terror. This is a democracy that people have fought and died to protect and that means that the person who gets the majority of votes wins. Sadly, assholes like you have destroyed that concept, and there are plenty of patriots rolling over in their graves over that.

For more on the Gore Commission report, which Republicans and the airline industry stopped the implementation of, go here:

And, after you've gotten your head out of your ass and your compassion out of your wallet, write me back with something interesting to say. I'm sure they teach you better than that at James Madison.

Scott Supak
doing my best to piss off the religious right

PS - I'm a liberal not a pacifist. The fact that you generalized that deduction tells me a lot about you. I think we should be kicking ass over there, and I'm quite proud of the fact that we are. I'd bet we would be no matter who was president. Even liberals got pissed about the attacks. In fact, it really pisses me off that you would insinuate that your fellow Americans somehow care less about the country because we want more unemployment money for working people. And, finally, I have had microphones stuck in my face and I've never made a grammatical error on camera. I'm well educated and proud of it. And my Daddy didn't pay for any of it. I've also never snorted coke.

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