Sunday, October 07, 2001

Why can't we just say United We Stand?

Probably because of the Jerry Falwell syndrome. Religious fanatics just can't keep their mouths shut. They don't want to be united because they can't stand the idea of agreeing with baby killing liberal atheists. I was happy to hear the that the ACLU is asking, on behalf of a parent who was "deeply troubled by it," to remove the words "God Bless America" from the school sign at Breen Elementary School, in Rocklin, California. Of course, the school is resisting, and the principle, Terry Thronton, is refusing to take these divisive words down. Great, another public school trying to instill devisive religious fanaticism in our children. Isn't that what they do in Afghanistan? What's next, Breen? Going to stop letting little girls go to school?

Here's my letter to these yahoos:
Terry Thornton, principle of Breen Elementary School, Rocklin, CA:

I hope you will reconsider your school sign's message, "God Bless America."

When I was growing up, we were made to say the pledge of allegience. In the 6th grade, when, after speaking to my family and atteneding many churches where other religions were constantly belittled and denegrated, I decided that I didn't believe in god and I refused to say the pledge. I was disciplined for it. I was sent to detention because I wouldn't say "one nation, under God." I didn't have the ACLU to help me. I was ridiculed by the "christian" kids. I was treated badly by my teachers and my principle, all of whom apparently forgot that my atheist family paid property taxes too, and, therefore, part of their salaries. Part of your salary is paid by people who do not believe in God. And you are being a bigot by not changing your sign to read something else, like United we Stand.

Do you not realize that this kind of religious attitude is very similar to what they have in Afghanistan? That your intolerance for non-believers makes you a fanatic too? There are ways that we can all, as Americans, show our unity in these dark times. Forcing your religion down people's throats is not one of those ways. Your job is to give our children a fighting chance in this world - to teach them to communicate and to understand science. If any of our children want to learn about God, they can go to church. That's what churches are for. Schools should be a place where we teach our children that we can all get a long, regardless of our religious beliefs, or lack thereof. By putting God on your school sign, you have taught our children that yes, even in America, if you don't think like the white anglo-saxons who founded this country, you will be shunned and ridiculed. Just like I was.

Remember, the last time religion ruled the world, they called it the dark ages.

Please tell Mark Forbes, your district board of trustees president exactly how "God Bless America" hurts me. It hurts me by suggesting that, because I don't believe in God, I am somehow not American, or not deserving of the same good fortune that believers are. It is hurtful because it assumes that everyone thinks like he does. It is hurtful because many of us who do not believe in God, or who are agnostics, feel that religion is, once again, at the root of all this trouble. You might as well say God Bless our Crusade!

Scott Supak
American Citizen
And here's the lovely people who work at this school. Maybe a few of them agree with me. I suggest we all write them and let them know why they should take down their divisive, fanatic sign:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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