Tuesday, October 16, 2001

The war is here

Here's a must read: The Battlefield in the American Mind By MARK DANNER.
"This is not aimed at our policies," Henry Kissinger said after the attacks. "This is aimed at our existence." That is precisely wrong. The "evildoers" who gave their lives on Sept. 11 and those who sent them have precise objectives and a clear plan to achieve them.
Read this article. It has given me hope that there are people in this country who understand what's going on here. And I have realized that W is on a path to be just like his old man. A one termer. Why? Because he believes the battle is in the mountains of Afghanistan, instead of in the mountains of the American Mind. And if, as I suspect will happen, a real man - someone who didn't spend half his life coked up blowing his nose and his old man's money - will run against him and win. Someone will run who actually understands that until we address the root cause of terrorism, we will not stop it. Someone will run who would actually listen to Colin Powell if he hired him. Someone will run who realizes that Bill Clinton's sex life has nothing to do with his near success at getting Arafat to agree to a Palestinian state. Someone will run who won't hire people with financial interest in war machines to be in charge of the Pentagon.

This is a guerilla war. We've been in those before. And the American public doesn't like them. We must make efforts to address all the frayed ends of this tapestry.

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