Saturday, October 20, 2001

Organic Gardening - because there just might be an earth after all this

Despite the religious logic (there's an oxymoron) of Reagan Interior Secretary James Watt, who said we might as well go ahead and destroy the environmnet, since judgement day is coming soon anyway, I keep thinking about what got me started on the web: organic gardening. While the religious fanatics of the world, like GW Bush, may indeed destroy it, I have to look on the bright side. If there is something left after all this, we'll have to take very good care of it. Like we should have been doing all along. If you watch the IMAX movie Blue Planet (we should strap W down,like Alex in Clockwork Orange, and force him to watch it for days) you'll see the poisoned top soil washing down the rivers to the sea. You'll see vast swaths of erosion eating away American farmland. You'll see fires in the Amazon Rain Forest to clear the way for McDonald's beef.

Of course, forcing Dumbyass to watch it wouldn't make much difference, since his Dad and Uncle Dick are calling the shots anyway. But, say Dad and Dick keel over tomorrow, along with Rumsfeld and the rest of the Old Guard, then maybe Dubya'll would actually get a chance to show how compassionate he is. After all, any guy who was coked up and AWOL while other young men his age were dying in Nam can't be all that bad, right? Maybe he's a hippie at heart. Maybe he's even a closet tree hugger, one of the eco-terrorists who Alaska Congressman Don Young said could be responsible for the world trade center disaster just 9 hours, YES, NINE HOURS, after it happened.

Ah, who am I kidding? GW "hiding in the" Bush is just another right-wing-nut, ultra religous, bigot, just like the rest of them. He'll take advantage of this situation to further rape and pillage this planet for the sake of corporate profit. There is no doubt that every move he's made so far has been designed to help the Carlyle Group ( Pappa Bush, Carlucci, Baker, the Bin Laden Family) make more money. War is very profitable for the defense industries that the Carlyle Group is invested in. Think maybe the Carlyle Group is also invested in companies that help save the planet? Naaa... Where's the money in that?

In Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance, he toyed with the idea of changing the way we do accounting to include assessments of the environmental impacts of various projects and products. Funny how no one talks about that anymore....

This is one subject where individuals can make a big difference. We can buy organic food. We can make our yards, lawns, and gardens organic. We can compost. We can talk to our neighbors about it. GO ORGANIC. It's easier, and cheaper, than using all those chemicals. You are throwing away kitchen and yard waste that could be composted to make your lawns and gardens healthier. This "waste" is going to landfills instead of back into the soil. This is something we can correct, each and every one of us. And voting with our dollars, by purchasing energy efficient, earth friendly, and environmentally packaged products, is the best way to show business that we mean business when it comes to saving the earth. Buy more fuel efficient vehicles. Buy compact flourescent light bulbs. Build smarter houses. There are so many things that we can do to save the planet, despite the apocalyptic leanings of the people who stole the White House.

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