Monday, October 29, 2001

The Gore Commission Demanded Tougher Airline Security, But Airlines And Conservatives Said No

"The federal government should consider aviation security as a national security issue, and provide substantial funding for capital improvements. The Commission believes that terrorist attacks on civil aviation are directed at the United States, and that there should be an ongoing federal commitment to reducing the threats that they pose."
Gore Commission final report, February 12, 1997
AL GORE - The real president of the United States - where the majority is supposed to rule.Rumblings from people, especially "prominent democrats," about being happy that Bush is president, are the kind of Limbaugh fueled crap that makes me want to puke on the first dittohead I see. It's completely possible that the attacks would have been thwarted by the increased security a President Gore would have instituted, following his own commissions recommendation. I don't think Dumbya's ever even been on a commission. If he was, the report, no matter what the problem being researched, would have read "Cut taxes." It is the cure-all mantra of the Republican party that we heard for years while the country went deeper into debt and recession. The only thing that trickles down is the shit down rich people's legs.

Of course the right wing nuts said Gore's report was partisan, not cost effective, and stupid. OK. I guess we all know what they're problem is. Greed. Here's one of the partisan, wastefully expensive, and stupid things Gore's report said:
The FAA should work with industry to develop a national program to increase the professionalism of the aviation security workforce, including screening personnel.
Yeah. Like this guy -- who volunteered to go to Nam while Dumbya was AWOL, drunk, coked up, and losing his Dad's money -- like Al Gore would publish a report about airline security as a partisan effort to bypass the Republican led congress. And I have two big buildings in New York to sell you, you pieces of crap. If it wasn't Ashcroft running DOJ, I'd say we should prosecute every single Republican and greedy Airline executive who belittled the Gore Commission Report. They're guilty of, at the very least, depraved indifference, meaning about 5000 counts of manslaughter 2. Somebody call Ken Starr. I have a real crime for him to investigate....

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