Friday, October 05, 2001

Some clips from my Sierra Club newsletter

"In my view, we need to know that vast natural areas such as the Arctic Refuge exist as we cope with the events of the past month. Nature reminds us of the eternal rhythms of life of which we are a part and which will endure over time. Ensuring an enduring refuge in the Arctic, no matter how uncertain other parts of our life may seem right now, provides us solace and perspective in these trying times. This crisis has reawakened us to the importance of protecting our values, and I believe that the Arctic wilderness has a place on that list."
-Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), quoted on October 2nd

On Tuesday, a federal judge rejected a lawsuit seeking to dismantle the Clinton administration's designation of the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The National Monument designation, which protects 328,000 acres of Sierra Nevada Forest in California, prohibits logging, mining and off-road vehicles in a section of the Sequoia.

Judge Ricardo Urbina upheld Clinton's authority to create national monuments, a far-reaching decision that helps protect six million acres recently designated national monument land. These very monuments were featured on the cover of last month's Sierra Magazine. You can find pictures and descriptions of the monuments on page 40 of the magazine, or online at:

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