Sunday, October 21, 2001

Letter to Senators Boxer and Feinstein


Considering the fact that the Ashcroft Justice department has no intention of prosecuting the anthrax hoax on planned parenthood offices by the army of god (see ), please, I beg of you, do not let these right wing judges get in. Jesse Helms and his cronies held up all of Clinton's nominees, we can do the same. You will win this PR game. Remember, if you put the half a million votes Gore won by with all the Green votes for Nader, you can see that a big majority of Americans are center and left of center. Certainly a vast majority of Californians are.

If Bush stacks the courts with right-wing-nut judges, then even if we ever do get an AG who would prosecute the Army of God, which openly advocates the killing of abortion doctors, for its terrorist acts agains Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics, we wouldn't be able to convict them.

Please realize how important this is. The campaign of terror against abortion providers and family planning clinics has worked. Very few medical school students learn the procedures anymore. In ten years or so, it will be nearly impossible to find a doctor who will perform the procedure. These terrorists are winning. And with judges who think what they do is justified, backed up by a Pentecostal AG, they won't need to pack the Supreme Court with any more of their cronies.

Do not give in to the terror. And please expose Senator Hatch's diabolical and assinine comments for what they are. When he says that stalling on these judges hurts the war on terrorism, he belittles us all. He, and the rest of the republicans, are trying to wrap the flag around all their pet projects, and they should be publicly shamed for it. They see the war on terror as an opportunity to impose their religious fanaticism on all of us, and I hope you will not let them get away with making us a country run by religious fanatics.

Furthermore, I suggest that you immediately open an inquiry into Ashcroft's apparent ignoring of the 110 letters sent to abortion clinics, while he said that they would prosecute fully all anthrax hoaxes. Why has he mentioned stupid hoaxes of a singular nature, but not these 110 coordinated threats. Since 1998, mail purporting to be laced with anthrax has been delivered to clinics in 16 states. There hasn't been a single arrest.

These terrorists now feel empowered by having one of their own in the white house and at DOJ. It's time to make them realize that they are breaking the law, and they should pay for it. And while we're at it, the Republicans can pay for their inaction on this one.

Scott Supak

The following is a quote from the above referenced article in the Boston Globe, by Eileen McNamara:
US Attorney General John Ashcroft warned yesterday that those who would perpetrate an anthrax hoax at this time are guilty of a ''grotesque transgression of the public trust.'' He did not cite antiabortion extremists as an example but mentioned, instead, an employee of the Department of Environmental Protection in Connecticut who, in a misguided attempt at humor, left a harmless white powder on a co-worker's desk and stood silent while the building was evacuated and the workers decontaminated. That stunning lapse in judgment could yield the jokester five years in prison and a multimillion-dollar fine.

Where, one wonders, is a similar vigilance to apprehend and prosecute those who aim not to amuse but to terrify women and their doctors, and to deny them their legal right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

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