Sunday, April 28, 2002

What's your vote worth?

If you want your vote to actually count as ONE vote in the next presidential election, move to Wyoming. Nice state, if you can stand the kind of red-necks that kill gay people by tying them to a fence and beating them to death. Seriously, I'm sure there's plenty of friendly people there. Hell, 60,421 people there actually voted for Gore (but they were probably beaten for it).

To find out exactly what your vote is worth compared to those more important people in Wyoming, check out this page where I've listed each state, its number of electors, the actual number of people who voted, the votes per elector, and the percentage of Wyoming's vote each state's voter counts as. It's not pretty. In California, my vote counted less than half a Wyoming vote. In Massachusetts, your vote counts just over a third of Wyoming's.

Anybody ready to abolish the electoral college yet? Of course you are! In fact, a majority of you probably are. Well, you know what good a majority does for you in this country. And don't expect the National Redneck Association (NRA) to ever let go of the lopsided power this colonial leftover gives them. Because they can't win an argment, or a court case, on gun control, they depend on this pre-slavery dilution of big state votes to put Juntas like Shrub's in power. The only argument I've ever heard for the electoral college is that candidates would ignore little states. Well, I can argue with that all day, but here's just one for now: candidates ignore states that are decided already. States like Wyoming aren't visited now, because the outcome is certain. Same for California. Bush and Gore spent most of their time in "battleground" or "swing" states. If we eliminated the college and just went for the popular vote (or, even if we just eliminated the two vote bonus based on each state's senators), candidates would go anywhere and everywhere that they might pick up a vote. It would actually force them to go more places!

Why am I wasting my time? This will never happen and democracy in this country is now forever lost thanks to the right-wing nuts who think it's OK to destroy the planet, since Jesus is coming back soon anyway.

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