Sunday, April 28, 2002

"The president and his budget director are finally being honest about their misguided priorities — more tax cuts for Enron paid for by effectively raising taxes on middle-class students and their families," — David Sirota, a spokesman for Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, commenting on the Bush administration's efforts to eliminate a student loan consolidation program that lowers payments.

There was a ton of Bad Bush News today, from EPA announcing they're going to let mining operations dump billions of tons of waste in rivers, that Bush rejected an EPA plan that would have reduced air pollution, instead of increasing it, which Clear Skies will do, the NRA (National Redneck Association) bragging that their red-neck drones in the midwest (where a vote counts more than in populous states) got Bush "elected," and an energy department release of a document (now that the "energy" bill has passed the Senate) that reveals a Bush staffer asked an industry representative for a wish list to be made into regulation (or the lack of it).

All you idiots who said this asshole couldn't do much damage: I hope you're paying attention now. Go back to your corner and stick your head back up your asses. And stay there until after we have a real election, where votes count, and I personally kick the asses of any pudgy little Republican congressional staffers who stage riots to stop vote counting.

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