Friday, April 05, 2002

Using Crisis to Justify their Pay-back to their Energy Donors


Yet a few months ago, Republican activists ran ads with side-by-side photos of Tom Daschle and Saddam Hussein, declaring that both men oppose drilling in ANWR — and Dick Cheney, when asked, stood behind those ads. Administration critics could, with rather more justification, run ads with side-by-side photos of George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein, declaring that both men oppose increased fuel efficiency standards. (Actually, I'm not aware that Iraq's ruler has expressed an opinion on either issue.) Of course, if such ads did run, there would be enormous outrage. After all, turnabout wouldn't be fair play because, well, just because.
Krugman also points out that "Tom DeLay recently declared that if we'd had a leader like Mr. Bush, we would have won the Vietnam War." WOW. That is amazing, since Bush's daddy made sure he got in the National Guard during Nam, where Bush proceeded to get so coked up that he couldn't pass his physical, so he went AWOL. So, on my travels to I found an impressive list of who served and who didn't. This is amazing. Seems the whole idea that Republicans are better War Mongers is based on the fact that very few of them actually served in the military. Ironic, isn't it, that the party of War has no experience in it. Maybe that's why they're so willing to send young men to die.

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