Thursday, April 11, 2002

Cloning with Clothes Hangers

Once again the idiocity of the extreme right has reared its monkey head in the form of George W. Bush, spewing out the word unethical like he was some backwoods Texas steer screwing preacher. These people want abortions performed on back alley butcher tables with wire clothes hangers (apt punishment for women who get pregnant due to recreational sex). Along a similar vein, they want to call a glob of cells smaller than the head of a pin a human life and ban all human cloning, even though it could cure a wide range of debilitating human ailments (in people a lot bigger than the head of a pin). Of course, human cloning will happen, in England, Italy, and plenty of other places around the world. The thought of brain drain doesn't scare Bush at all, having had his vacuumed out by the many kilos of coke he snorted while AWOL from the National Guard, and kids with less powerful, uh, connections, died in Viet Nam. I'd really like to see Georgie Boy argue with the 40 Noble prize winners who support cloning for research and theraputic purposes.

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