Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Watchdog quits EPA

Robert Martin was the EPA's ombudsman until he quit, in disgust with the Bush administration, on earthday, 2002. This man actually made a difference to people who were harmed by the big industries, and others, who pollute this planet. He butted heads with Bush political appointees in the EPA since they started showing up to "protect" the environment. Then, Martin stumbled onto Christie Whitman's corruption--helping her husband and his huge stake in Citigroup Corp.

In Denver the EPA had decided to leave radioactive contamination in the middle of a neighborhood, at the Shattuck Chemical Superfund site. After many complaints, they finally decided to remove the pollution, and the company that had to pay for the cleanup was Citigroup Corp. Martin discovered that Whitman, the EPA administrator, is married to a former officer of Citigroup who now manages roughly $800 million of the firm's investments. Whitman refused to recuse herself from the case. The EPA settled, allowing Citigroup to pay $10 million to get off the hook, while actual cleanup costs will be between $70 million and $100 million. Furthermore, while New Yorkers were suffering breathing problems and other maladies after the twin towers collapse, Whitman issued a statement assuring people that everything was fine, meaning Traveler's Insurance (owned by Citigroup) didn't have to pay any claims.

This is Environmental Protection? Read the whole story here.

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