Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Pictures from the big island of Hawaii

Lava entering the ocean creates a steam plume near Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii. Click to go get desktop wallpaper sized Hawaii pictures including this volcano picture!Made some desktop wallpaper sized versions of this shot today, and got one close-up of the lava, but the close-up is intentionally over-exposed to make the lava easier to see. Go to our free desktop wallpaper page to see them. What an adventure to get to this flow! Spencer and I started by going into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, driving all the way down to where the road ends because the lava rolled over it in 1997. The ranger there said that the flow that was visible there had ended the day before. If we wanted to see lava, we'd have to go back toward Hilo through Kea'au and south to the ocean where the only active flow was going. So, back we went, 40 miles in the car and another 2 over lava rock to get to this spectacular view of a black sand beach and molten lava pouring into the ocean. The steam plume was visible for miles! And, finally, Spencer and I saw real, molten lava!

Real molten lava on the big island of Hawaii!

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