Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Finally, a blog! While I post what's new over at supak.com when something new pops up, often I'd like to post more and just don't want to deal with the hassel. This blog thing is pretty much hassel free, and, I can do it from wherever - like Maui, Hawaii! So, when Spencer and I go to Hawaii for a week, I'll try to log on and post what's up from there! He and I are really looking forward to this trip. We have a lot planned for the trip, like visiting our clients! Yes, it's a business trip, but when your business is running web sites for clients on Maui, business trips can be a lot more fun!

Today, Dana Spiotta's new book, Lightning Field, was reviewed in the New York Times. Great Review! The Amazon.com sales rank jumped from 68,000th to 696th!

I added two short reviews of the books about the Supreme Court Bush v. Gore ruling, by Bugliosi and Dershowitz. They're on the GW Bush page.

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