Saturday, August 25, 2001

More Hawaii pictures

A great view near Huelo, Maui, Hawaii. Click this picture to get the desktop wallpaper picture!I managed to crank out some more great Maui Hawaii pictures today, in different screen resolution sizes to use as desktop wallpaper.

The first picture is near Huelo, Maui, taken after hiking down a couple of hundred feet into a gorge next to our friends' (Jack and Jackie) house. Jack runs Word of Mouth Rent A Car where you get a good, cheap Maui rental car and they don't stand there with a stop watch to make more money from you. Jack figures that being good to his customers pays off, and he has a point. He's done no advertising outside his website and has a very loyal following of customers who love to save money renting his Maui cruisers! Jackie is creating a line of Maui perfumes and cosmetics as well as maintaining a Maui vacation rental near Hookipa Beach Park - the subject of our next batch of Hawaii pictures.

Kite Surfing. Click this picture to get the desktop wallpaper picture of these Maui kite surfers!This next picture is of kite surfing, the latest surfing craze to hit Maui. These guys get some serious air! Spencer and I were dumbfounded at the height and length of the jumps, flips, and spins these guys get! It's like flying! Click here to download this spectacular Hawaii wallpaper picture of kite surfing!

I'll keep making these different sizes of wallpaper pictures as fast as I can. Stay tuned!

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