Tuesday, October 12, 2004

MSNBC - Opinion: The Life He Left Behind

Alexander Pope said, "True wit is nature to advantage dress'd, What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed."-Essay on Criticism (pt. II, l. 97). The wit of Patti Davis is on display in this article for MSNBC today. I'd like to see the look on Bush's face while he tried to explain his illogical and downright nasty policy on stem cells to Christopher Reeve's family.

I've really gotten to the point where I can't be civil to right wingers anymore. I hear from so many people that I need to try to convince these misguided people that they're wrong. That we should respect their views. We've been trying that for years. They don't respect our views, and they win. They misguide themselves willfully because of their hate and bias, and they win. Since vitrol and visciousness has worked for them, so why don't we try it?

Ride the Bush hatred to the largest turnout in election history. Republicans hate large turnouts. They know we'll cream them. They make fun of us for hating Bush, but these are the same people who spewed hate IN THEIR CHURCHES about Bill Clinton. These are the same hypocrites who said draft dodging was a bad thing, but they embrace draft dodgers now.

But when it comes to lumps of cells that are going to be destroyed anyway, they have really crossed the line. They are taking away the hope of millions for the extreme right wing view that they'd be destroying life for some utilitarian philosophy. But they never answer questions about how those lumps of cells they call a "life" are going to be destroyed anyway, and yet they're not against in-vitro fertilization. They never explain how it's wrong to try to harvest life saving cells from embryos that are going to be destroyed anyway.

This is the sleeper issue of this election. Go out and argue this with people as if actual living breathing lives, not the potential for that, depended on it. Get mad. Get in their faces. They're not used to it. I've been doing it a lot, and they blow up. Be ready to take a punch. I've taken one. But it's worth it to expose the true violent hatred for life these pro-lifers actually harbor.

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