Thursday, October 21, 2004

In response to a Kerry Flip-Flop commercial, Kerry's Own Words, sent to me by a friend of mine....

Most of these flip-flop charges from the right prove that Kerry changed his position based on the mess Bush created. For instance, on increasing funding for Iraq, Kerry has consistently maintained that we are spending too much because Bush fucked up and didn't get enough help first (because not everyone was convinced about his lies), but that now that we are there, we need to spend what it takes to fix it.

So, this is just typical shit from some very scared assholes who know damn well that Bush lied to go to a war we didn't need to fight, especially since we never finished the one in Afghanistan. They know damn well that Kerry voted for that resolution because he, like almost everyone else (except those of us who read former Republican Marine and Chief Iraq Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter's book, Frontier Justice), Kerry believed the Bush Bull.

Kerry said, "It was a huge mistake to go to war THE WAY HE DID." These right-wing-nuts usually don't play that last part, because that's the key to Kerry's argument. Maybe, given the same bad info, Kerry would have made the same bad decision to go to war. That's one of the reasons he voted for the resolution. But I guarantee you one thing: only a bunch of draft-dodging chicken hawks would make the kind of mistakes the Bushies have made in fighting it. A guy that's actually been shot at would not, as president, have to go back and ask for $87 billion later to get the kind of ammo and armor that wasn't sent in the first place. A guy that actually volunteered to fight in a war would never try to cut combat pay, or put young heritage foundation ideologues in charge of reconstruction, or kick vets off health care, or send too few troops to do the job (throwing the Powell doctrine out the window). A guy who actually killed someone in battle would never stretch a National Guard we need at home so thin, or hire neo-con freaks who predict flower-paved paths to glory.

On the WMD, he trusted what the President's people told him before the war, and was shocked to find out later that he had been lied to. Wow. And they're trying to use that against Kerry? Don't they realize that even Republican Senators are pissed about the bad intel the Bush people sent up the hill?

Again with the $87 billion. Let's see... The Republicans who voted for it, actually voted against it first. Doesn't that make them flip-floppers? Actually, if the idiots who sent you this would THINK for a second, they'd find out that Kerry wanted a version that would be paid for by taxes on the Americans who most benefit from America, the rich. When he voted against it, he knew it would pass, and cast a protest vote, something Dick Cheney, who voted against a resolution to condemn South Africa for not letting Mandella out of prison, could tell them all about. The final bill just put the $87 billion on the National Credit Card that our grandkids will still be paying interest on. What's conservative about that?

Besides, why didn't the troops have everything they needed in the first place? Where does the $400 billion a year we give to the Pentagon go anyway, if it's not for the shit we need to fight wars? Please, excuse my language. It's mild compared to my disgust for this junta.

On unilateral action: just because the President reserves the right to act unilaterally, that doesn't mean it's always a good thing. And it certainly doesn't mean it's a good thing in Iraq. It seems the zealots who sent you this have thrown basic rules of Logic out the window....

Why don't you ask the Armageddon wishers who sent you this to tell you where the weapons are? Why don't you ask them why they spend so much time attacking their opponent with all this illogical bullshit instead of defending Bush's lies, or Halliburton's contracts, or the secrecy that John Dean called worse than Watergate? Why don't they try to defend the worst environmental record in history? Or the most job losses since Hoover? Or the 5 million people who have fallen into poverty (Christian indeed), or the huge increases in uninsured and health care costs? How about a Medicare bill that they lied about the cost of to get it passed, which includes a $150 billion giveaway to drug companies by MAKING IT ILLEGAL for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices?

Why is it that the Bush people just keep attacking Kerry? Because they know Goddamn well that if Bush tried to run a positive campaign, he'd lose. Yesterday, Bush said he thought people would reject a "campaign of fear" and vote for him. At the same time, Dick Cheney was saying out biggest threat are terrorists attacking an American city with nuclear weapons. Why don't you ask the assholes who sent you this what George Bush has done to round up loose nukes, or to stop Iran or North Korea from getting nukes? Who is really running a campaign of fear when Cheney says if Kerry gets elected, we'll be attacked (does that mean if Bush is reelected, we won't be)?

As for real plans for the future, go to He actually has some very Clintonian, centrists positions on a variety of things, including the deficit, on which Kerry is actually more to the right than the biggest spender in American history: George Bush. Listen to George Bush's plans for the future and you will find some shit that makes Wall Street happy as hell, like billions in fees and charges from personal savings accounts for health care, and privatized social security accounts.

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There are many more, but in this election, I wonder if you'll change anyone's mind. The best you can hope for is to help one of the six undecided people in Ohio and the twelve in Florida vote for Kerry, since, because of the electoral college, votes in red-neck states count more than votes in other, more reasonable ones.

Scott Supak

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