Friday, October 29, 2004

Former GOP Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire endorsed Kerry today

In his letter to Kerry, he said he and his wife and kids were all voting for Kerry in Florida, as if that will count. KOS posted the letter this morning, but left out the environmental paragraph.
As an environmentalist who served as Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, I know that this Administration has turned environmental policy over to lobbyists for the oil, gas, and mining interests. On the other hand, I know first-hand of your commitment to a more balanced approach to environmental policy--one where we can have both jobs and profit for industry as well as clean air and water. There is no stronger evidence of this than your outstanding leadership and support in the restoration fo the Florida Everglades.
Senator Smith was a rabid right wing Republican who actually quit the Republican party once because they were too moderate. Smith is very anti-choice. And yet he's voting for Kerry. This is proof that even right wing nuts can think themselves out of the hole that Bush has dug them into.

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