Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lawmakers request CIA's 9/11 report

What are these people afraid of? If they're doing such a good job protecting us, why wouldn't they want to release a report that tells us what went wrong? Isn't the fact that the Bushies are stopping this report from being released proof enough that they won't take any responsiblity because, well, they're irresponsible? Why couldn't Bush answer the woman in the second debate? Why could he not give just one mistake? Because he knows that if he answered her, he'd lose. He knows that this CIA report points a big, fat finger right in his face and says, you, sir, ignored terrorism before 9-11. Hell, Ashcroft actually said he didn't want to hear about Al Qaeda anymore! So, they're sitting on this CIA report, and trashing Kerry, who actually went after terrorist funds (BCCI) way back when terrorism was just something that happened to Jews, and GW Bush was still drunk and snorting cocaine... Amazing...

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