Sunday, October 05, 2003

My Reply Is All You Need to Read to Know What This Guy Said

The names may have been changed to protect the idiots.

Wow. Right out of the Limbaugh book of bullshit there, Fred. First, your cries about the liberal media are as old and stale as your typical Republican dodging of what I was talking about. Where are your answers to the points I made about the people who own the businesses that used illegal labor to put you out of business? I asked why you blame the immigrants when it's the people who hired them who unfairly undercut you, much as Wal-Mart does. I'll take your silence on that one to mean that you were too busy with your racist blame games to realize that the greedy business owners who hired the illegals are really responsible. And, ironically, those business owners are by and large Republicans. Hey, I'd love to shut off their illegal cheap supply of labor. But if you think that the people who benefit most from their labor, i.e. construction and agri-business owners, and the Republicans they give their contributions to, are actually going to do something about it, then you really do need to get your head out of your ass.

The answer, as I said before, is to document and legalize all these people here doing jobs no one else wants. Then those business owners would have to pay workers comp and other benefits on every single employee. Republicans argue we should deport them all because they know that will never happen. Want to extend a wall all the way along the border? The one in Berlin didn't work. The one in Israel won't either. Until you address the underlying economic issues, the immigration problem will remain, and the greedy people who profit from it, like drug dealers who don't want marijuana decriminalized, do not want anything changed. Your problem is you buy into their crap.

And then you just ignore it and go off on the LA Times.

OK, let's go there. Are you calling the 15 women who so far have come forward liars? I've been in this business for 15 years. I have many friends in the business. And we all know how it works. If a woman, especially a production assistant, came forward with accusations against one of the town's biggest money makers, they'd never work again. But now it's a different game. And if Arnold wins, I won't feel sorry at all when the shit hits the fan. Arnold is a whoremongering womanizer. Plenty of people in this town know this. I personally know people who have heard him scream "Bring me another whore" right after one left his trailer. And that was in the nineties, not the 70's. These women are coming out now because they, like many of us, can't believe that Arnold has gotten this far with his vague bullshit. He can't answer questions. The scripted plan that he has come out with exposes how he feels about unions, and yet people like you ignore this fact. And, I bet you will again. In fact, I bet you aren't even reading this. You'll just fire back with some more right-wing crap. You'll refuse, like Arnold, to answer direct questions. And then you'll try to find a way to blame me, or the women who were sexually harassed. Fine, forget the Nazi crap. I don't care about that. I do care about some asshole who has been groping peoples daughters for years, and all you right wingers just ignore it. If one of those girls was your daughter, you'd feel a lot differently.

Oh, and by the way, which is it? Did he do something bad or did he not? He says their liars and then he apologizes for bad behavior? Which is it, Fred? I'll wait while you consult your right wing sources on that one. Maybe your boy could get back to me on the shit he wrote. The fact that you've taken over and we don't hear from Cris anymore is kind of sad. I was so looking forward to his explanations.

And your little Limbaugh attacks on me and my reading habits are just pitiful, Fred. I read Yahoo News every day. I write a blog ( I read google news. I get so many news sources, my family laments the little time I leave for them on the computer. So don't you dare tell me I don't look at all sides of an issue. I got a BA in philosophy. I'm trained in looking into both sides of an issue. My wife and I play devils advocate all the time to try to sound out the truth on things. My Dad was a Republican and he made some good arguments for some of what they stand for. There are plenty of issues where you'd be surprised where I stand. But I think them through and try to see the deeper truths in these issues. And the one issue that keeps showing up is how money ruins politics. It's Davis's problem, it's Bush's problem, and now it's Arnold's problem too. He's taking money from (surprise, surprise) developers (including one from Montana with big environmental problems) and agribusiness, the two industries that benefit most from illegal laborers.

Arianna's Clean Elections Initiative is the way to go. It's worked in Maine and Arizona.

Tell me how many times you voted for someone besides a Republican. As far as Davis's Republican-like dealings with Enron and the power crooks, yeah, that's some serious shit. He should be investigated. Tell me what laws exactly that he broke. Right. I'm sure you'll get back to me on that one.

I'm not about to vote for the groper that Pete Wilson is handling, because Pete Wilson is the miserable son of a bitch that got us into the power mess to begin with. Not to mention that the Bush appointees on FERC wouldn't set price caps, which is why we had to sign those damn long term deals to begin with. Furthermore, if using consultants from the power companies to negotiate contracts and set policy is a jailable offense, then why are George Bush and Dick Cheney not in jail?!?!? We all see through your bullshit about not talking about Bush in this debate. The whole damn country is screwed because of him and his cabal, and yet short-sited people like you, while trying to feed the power grab, try to turn it on Davis. Amazing.

And why do you Republicans refuse to acknowledge the Bush Corporation's malfeasance in all this? From Enron to FERC, from Dynergy to the deficit, the Bush administration is guilty of all, and more, of the same things you blame Davis for. I think it's a shame that the Bush boys illegally exposed Wilson's wife, because now they can be impeached for that crime instead of the ones they committed with Ken Lay and their Halliburton and Enron buddies.

You're the one who needs to do his homework. When you read Limbaugh's site and listen to Bill O'Reilly, that's not two sources. If I want to know what they think, I'll just go get the Republican National Committee's talking points for the day.

Try answering the points I made in the first mail before you condescend to me about doing my homework. Just answer the questions Fred, because I don't think you can. That's why you came back at me with this liberal press bullshit that is so old and stale.

As for you not holding any bad feelings, I don't believe you. Your condescending avoidance of the issues I put forth in the mail you answered prove how little you think of anyone who doesn't have your views. The fact that you can't defend Bush from the same charges you level on Davis is hilarious. And I'll tell you right now, I do harbor bad feelings toward people like you. You have not done your homework. You couldn't argue with me, Peter Camejo, or Arrianna (whose poll numbers didn't change at all after the debate). The reason I can't stand people like you is that you make these racist anti-immigrant statements, and then when confronted with them, you simply change the subject.

Furthermore, you support things like telling women what they can do with their bodies (like forcing them to die instead of getting an abortion, like the late term bill that just passed the US House does), like forcing terminally ill patients to die in pain when their jack-booted Ashcroft thugs bust medicinal marijuana users, like saying these poor immigrants ruined your business when it was the greedy business owners who illegally used that undocumented labor who did it. You and your kind, like Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the FOX news ilk are nothing more than vicious thugs who preach about libertarian ideas while trying to regulate private behavior. You spew out garbage as fact and then claim everyone else's fact is garbage. You call anyone who disagrees with you a traitor or treasonous or commie bastards because we think working people need to be protected from the greedy rich scumbags you support.

You've really got something coming, man. Working people are going to get a lot smarter. We're going to see through this crap. And once Arnold is Governor and everything is better in California (Ha!), I look forward to hearing your defense of Bush.

Scott Supak

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