Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Arnold Unplugged - It's Hasta la vista to $9 Billion if the Governator is Selected By Greg Palast

Too bad this came in so late. Greg Pallast finally tracked down something that really stinks. I mean, groping a woman is a misdemeanor. What Mr. Palast has dug up is a felony of massive pumpitude. Seems Arnold has been seeing some men in hotel rooms for some evil doing. The two men he has not denied meeting with? Ken Lay and Michael Milken. Yup. Enron and Junk Bonds. Arnold and Kenny Boy, George W Bush's right-hand man. No wonder Arnold had the ready New Hampshire line for Arianna. But no body pushed him. Nobody pointed out that as Governor, Arnold could force a settlement with the Energy companies that not only ripped us off, but also, so far successfully, blamed Gray Davis for their mess. Please send this to anyone you know. Now. Knowledge is power. And while it may not stop Arnold now, it will sure slow him down in 2006, when we vote for Governor again, if there's not a recall on him. And it will definitely slow down Arnold's buddy George W in 2004.

For the latest on this, visit Greg Palast's site. Get Greg Palast books here.

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