Thursday, October 02, 2003

"Bring Me Another Whore!"

According to an associate of mine (who prefers not to be named for fear of retaliation and blacklisting), while working on the movie "True Lies," he witnessed a young woman come out of Arnold Schwarzenegger's trailer, get in a car, and leave. Seconds later, Arnold came out of the trailer and yelled to one of his production assistants, "Bring me another whore!" After today's allegations of groping by six women, and Arnold's subsequent admission that he'd been a bad boy, I thought his apparent hiring of prostitutes might help change the minds of some women who think this guy is OK. Besides his anti-union ("business friendly") positions, his taking of money from developers with inherent anti-environmental agendas, and his stated goal of huge budget cuts (which, by definition under California budget rules will come from services to the poor), this man's attitude toward women (as late as 2000 in one of the groping cases) should tell us that he is a mere big name shill for the Wilson forces who so desperately want to renew their deregulatory, anti-worker, pro-rich agenda.

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