Monday, October 13, 2003

Arnold's comments to female bodybuilder Lisa Lyons.

A few years back, while posing for photographs with female body builder Lisa Lyons, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a question about her racial preference in sexual partners. Apparently, Arnold had a problem with Lisa preferring to have sex with black men. He asked her point blank, "Why do you fuck all these niggers?"

Of course, this doesn't have anything to do with whether he can balance the state budget without raising taxes, as promised. But perhaps it does have something to do with who will suffer the most under his budget cuts.

So far, that's two Arnold stories we've published in this political blog that have not been picked up by "mainstream press." They've both come from credible sources who prefer not to be named (for fear of retribution from Arnold and his powerful friends in Hollywood, and now Sacramento). If you know someone in the press, pass this on to them. Tell them you heard it from us. We'll point them in the right direction.

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