Friday, September 07, 2001

Work's what keeps us happy

Susan Egan and Carol Burnett in the Los Angeles Production of Putting it Together, Mark Taper Forum, November/December, 1998I think that's the line from Raising Arizona, one of my favorite movies, and, as Susan Egan told me when I was working in Putting It Together, the Sondheim musical at the Mark Taper Forum a few years ago, Raising Arizona was actually made into a musical (featuring the hit song "Gotta get his dip-tet"). Hope you're doing well, Susan! One of the best cues I ever had was opening that upstairs door for you! Let's do lunch at Phillipe's again sometime! You Sci-fi comedy fans may know Susan as Teek, on Galaxy Quest....

Anyway, nothing but moving and work--so no new Hawaii pictures, but I have plenty of them downloaded at home just waiting for me to size them as desktop wallpaper. Seems the only time I have is between cues here at work!

Thinking about Putting It Together led me to think of Carol Burnett, who is a real pro to work with. One night, backstage before places was called (she was always early), she was talking about a book that talked about how groups of things got their plural names. She asked those of us sitting around what a group of stagehands would be called, and I said "A Cue, of course!" She said she'd always remember that! Wow.! What a great lady.

One night, Bronson Pinchot was having trouble and couldn't pop his head out to deliver the one word line, "meanwhile." So Carol popped her head out. I noticed that she paused long enough to give the sound mixer, Todd Reynolds (now audio engineer for the LA Opera), long enough to kill Bronson's michrophone and bring up Carol's. What a pro!

Find out more about Hollywood stagehands at the IATSE Local 33 site, which features pictures from backstage at the Lion King.

The news from the LA production of The Lion King is that Moe Daniels, who plays the grown-up Nala, is being replaced by a Hawaiian actress, Jewl Anguay, from the Miss Saigon tour and a graduate of James B. Castle High School in Kaneohe. You can see a picture and read a little about Anguay in this Star-Bulletin article. And, she gets mentioned as a possible Nala in this story.

More backstage ramblings tomorrow, since I won't be able to sit down in front of the home computer for a few more days....

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