Friday, September 28, 2001

Religion - what the hell's it good for?

Absolutely nothin'. Say it again. Here's 19 deeply religious men whose schools didn't teach evolution, Mr. Tom Delay.....

19 deeply religous men whose schools didn't teach evolution.

I guess they weren't very "evolutionized," eh, Tom? What we need is a good crusade - maybe send some children over to kill the infidels - and perhaps you'd like to burn a few of us atheists at the stake while you're at it? I can't believe these right wing religious fanatics are going to march us straight into a holy war.... I mean the republicans and the Al Qaeda. Welcome back to the dark ages....

I joined the fray today, something I rarely do, but the discussion over evolution (because of the new PBS series) was getting pretty deep over there, and I just couldn't stay out of it. I was reading this: Darwin's Sanitized Idea -
PBS's Evolution is an exercise in Creationist appeasement
. Here's my response:
Screw religion. What has religion gotten us? 19 fanatics flying planes into buildings in the name of God. Supposed "christians" who want to bomb women and children in retaliation. Jerry Fallwell telling gay people it's their fault. What the hell do we need more crusades for? That's what religion has gotten us.

There is no proof of God. Take a philosophy course. There are arguments for the existence of God, but there is no PROOF. That's why we don't teach it in PUBLIC school SCIENCE classes. Don't pray in our schools and I won't think in your churches. We teach science in science class - and not very well in this country. When you have some scientific evidence of GOD, then we'll talk. Funny thing is, there can be no scientific evidence of God. By definition, God is METAphysical....

90% of Americans believe in some "higher spirit." When you ask about God, the number actually goes down. There are many more of us militant agnostics (I don't know and neither do you) than most people suspect. We have tons of evidence in evolution. It is a perfect ontology. GOD only complicates your ontology. Anyone wants to have God for desert after a main course of reality, go ahead. Just do it in church - not school. That's what churches are for, remember? Or have churches just become training grounds for idiots like Tom DeLay who grow up to show the world what kind of homegrown fundamentalists we raise here.... Guess we're not all as "evolutionized" as the next guy....

Anybody says evolution is to blame for punks shooting up schools like Columbine should have their entrails laid out next to pigs, so they can graphically see the similarities in our mamalian anatomy.

Shame on the DeLays and Falwells of the world for blaming science, which actually studies nature and FACTS, while they sit back and take money from people who are too stupid to realize what jerks these liars are, and how short a crawl out of the primordial mud these guys have made.

Evolution doesn't have to find a way to get along with religion. What we believe doesn't matter one bit. What matters is whether we choose to be a religiously dominated society, or one that teaches science. The two cannot be melded. They have nothing to do with each other. You can believe god started things off with a big bang, but the evidence is clear what happened after that.

If you want a country run by religious fanatics, move to Afghanistan or Iran. And remember, when religion ruled the world, they called it the dark ages.

The truth is the truth, and can be found in the evidence. If we choose to ignore it, it will be a sad day for human intellegence.....

Scott Supak

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