Saturday, September 15, 2001

Rally behind the resident? I don't think so.

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).Three days before the terror, on September 8th, 2001, the LA Times reported that "The Bush administration has decided not to invoke against Israel a U.S. law that bars military aid to countries that use American arms for purposes other than self-defense, despite controversy over dozens of 'targeted killings' of Palestinian militants." In the story, U.S. Won't Invoke Law Against Israel, Norman Kempster and Tracy Wilkinson reported that "...a prominent Arab-American organization is considering a court challenge." Israel maintains that the strikes that kill terrorists who are planning attacks falls under the definition of self defense. Regardless of the legal definition, the Bush administration angered Arabs around the world by once again taking Israel's side in the conflict. Reports of Arab indignation were coming in all over the place, like from the Racisim Conference where the Israelis and we pulled out, angering Arabs.

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).Since Bush took office the US has pulled out of Peace talks that Clinton was negotiating (down to minute details). Seems our last president understood that the best way to protect ourselves against terrorism is to address the very real concerns of those who would resort to it. As long as we continue to support Israel, and to arm Israel, we will anger Arabs. The time has come to sit back down with both sides and to stop supplying arms. How many times will we light a match in a powder keg and not expect to be blown up?

I'm a big fan of Michael Moore. In his log from the road today, since he decided to drive back to New York with his family, from LA, Michael is really cranking out some great thoughts. He's never driven across the country before. He's in for quite a trip. I'm sure the country never seemed bigger than it will now, with flags flapping on so many car antennas, hanging off overpasses, and so many somber faces along the way. It's a big country, and it just got a lot bigger. And flying over it just doesn't give you a feel of the diversity. Mike's going to be going through places where they hate people like him. And he'll meet a lot of people who love him too. And despite all the talk of togetherness, there's a lot of angry people who will take their anger out on any commie liberal they can get their hands on. To them, anyone who dares to exercise their freedom of speech now should be shot, preferably by Charlton Heston himself.

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).I just don't get those people. Maybe Michael will. I hope he can better explain them to me. Because right now, I don't know how they can look at Curious George stammering his way through the most important words of his life and actually be proud that a man who was AWOL while he said he was doing his duty (while poor boys were dying in Nam) is now saying things like "...rid the world of evil." What the hell is he talking about? The only way we could ever rid the world of evil would be to kill all the people. Why can't Karen Hughes and the rest of his big-business-loving red-necks write something that actually makes sense?

We couldn't win a guerilla war in Nam when we knew where the enemy was. And we killed more civilians there than terrorists have here. Many, many more. What the hell does Shrub think he's going to do now to rid the world of evil? Nuke the whole damn world except us? Please, Carl Rove, hire some new writers. And tell them to use smaller words.

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).In the mean time, I'm going to hope we don't lower ourselves to the level of these slime. I hope we don't carpet bomb these people who kill innocents and surround themselves with children who they are training to be their next suicide squads. I hope we send in special forces and actually get this guy. Walk right up to him and "badabing, you get blood all over your nice Ivy League suit." No collateral damage. We have people who are willing to do that, who are trained to do that, right? Are there really no Rambos, no Bonds? Do we have to use Napalm to kill a fly?

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).And what else do these people have? Biological? Nuclear? By the end of WWII we could get a kiloton in a 101 howitzer shell. The miniturization of nuclear weapons has proceeded unchecked within almost every nuclear country. What could a determined terrorist get into a brief case today? Can we ever be safe?

And this is an administration that wants to let Mexican trucks drive anywhere in this country... Besides putting thousands of American Truckers out of work, think of the fact that they already ship trucks with full loads of drugs across the border now. A few thousand trucks loaded with explosives driven by suicide drivers could do a hell of a lot of damage. Trucks full of gasoline drive around every day. How hard could it be to get a job driving a truck for a Mexican company? A lot easier than learning to fly a plane....

Click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).No, fighting these people is a pointless, expensive, and dangerous endeavor. Why are we so convinced that these people don't have a legitimate gripe? Why did Clinton listen to them, try to get Israel to listen to them, and now the Bush administration will not? Is it because Bush's buddies make the profits when we sell arms to the Jews? What happened to James Baker saying "Fuck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway."? Huh? Now it's time for Bush and Company to pay back the people who put them back in power. And if it costs a few thousand American lives, then tough. Hey, they were New Yorkers anyway. They voted with the majority. We all know how Texans feel about New here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).

As the bumper sticker says, I'm doing my part to piss off the religious right (which is neither). These self-righteous bastards don't realize that when they advocate bombing the hell out the arabs, they are just as bad as those bastards who advocate killing inocent Americans. I heard someone say that there are no innocent Arabs. And I'm sure the Arabs who attacked us said that about Americans. These damn red-necks just don't get it. They just want to get their guns off. Most of them would shit their pants if they had to fight. Especially against an enemy that has nothing to lose.

click here to buy this bumper sticker (and many others).Al Gore should have been giving that speech today. Everytime I see Bush smirking like he owns the goddamn world I just want to, well, have a real election. Soon.

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