Friday, January 29, 2010

This Place Owes Me Some Degrees Again

Tonight it's going to be -5 degrees (F), or, as we call it up here, Bar-B-Que weather. The thing about BB-queing  in this kind of weather is that, even if you close the lid, the upside of the meat starts to freeze while the bottom side is cooking. So, you have to build a really big fire with lots of coals (I don't have a propane grill, yet) and throw some hickory in there for lots of smoke. Gives us a chance to smoke some cracked black pepper for the upcoming batch of grass-fed beef jerky.

I put little bits of hickory around the edges so there's a circle of extra hot around the outer edges, which then circulates up to the domed lid and keeps the top side of the meat hot, without burning the bottom. Minus five degrees means your charcoal fire barbeque skills are really put to the test.

If I had a hot tub, this would be hot tub and BBQ weather!

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