Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lying Bigots Can't Even Get the Names Straight

It's bad enough these bigots think they have some sort of God-given right to make everyone else behave like them, but they can't even keep the names of important players straight within their own paragraphs.

So, in this fun little list of bigotry's biggest hits, they have listed me, although they were obviously talking about Rep. Bart Stupak, as being a US representative and anti-choice. Both of those propositions are laughably wrong, although I do represent a majority of Americans on these matters, just not officially.

Not only that, but I'm anti-religion, especially the hateful crap coming from Baptists. I grew up with Baptists, who bribed me with "God Bucks" to ride the bus to Grand Avenue Baptist in Hot Springs Arkansas. Once I got the bike from the God store, I stopped going.

Now is the time we dance.

in reference to:

"Supak says he and 10 or 11 other representatives could vote against a final bill that doesn’t meet his criteria concerning abortion."
- The Baptist Bulletin » World News: Jan. 13, 2010 (view on Google Sidewiki)


kevin said...

Hi Scott. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have now corrected this error. The name Stupak, spelled correctly in the rest of the paragraph, was missing a T in one instance. Perhaps this is what triggered your Google alert.

Now, having read through your blog a bit, observing your own English grammar and spelling, I wonder...perhaps your response here was less than charitable?

It seems from your response that you are a bit angry at us, the Baptist fundamentalists. I'm sorry you had a difficult church experience in your earlier years, and I pray that it is not typical.

But I wonder, having read your blog, is it right for you to imply we have a corner on anger issues?

Scott Supak said...

Did I imply that fundamentalists (I hate the Taliban, no matter where they are) have a corner on anger?

I hope not, because after 8 years of George Bush, I have a lot of anger.

I have friends who are in love and deserve to be married, but you use your religion as an excuse to be a bigot. That makes you a special kind of fucked up, Kev. The kind I reserve a special hatred for. And it doesn't have anything to do with my history with religion. It has to do with your bigotry that yearns to be a theocracy.

Besides, if you can't see that your typo just gave me a chance to tee off on your hypocritical denials of human rights (not to mention your war mongering and Christo fascist contempt for other religions) then you need to get up to speed on internet humor. It's kind of like dancing.