Friday, January 15, 2010

Ooooo.... the big bad gays are coming to harass us!

What a bunch of hypocrites! I wonder if a bunch of people signed a petition to take away the tax exemption for churches. I wonder what kind of harassment the signers of that petition would get from the right wing?

I mean, liberals don't exactly have a record of lynching, now do they? Or saying blacks can't marry whites, or saying blacks are 3/5ths of a person... Really, it is not the particularly ugly history toward people Not Like Them.

Furthermore, I find it amazing that these always run and hide when confronted with their bigotry. Murderers of abortion providers, for example, is a position many of them favor, and yet when they actually shoot a doctor, they don't stand there and say, well, he was going to take a life and I stopped him. They run.

Sure, they say it's so they can get away to do it again, but you know that's just crap. They run because they're chicken shits, which this story further proves.

in reference to:

"Protect Marriage Washington, which unsuccessfully opposed the law giving gay couples expanded rights, wants to shield from disclosure the signers of the petition for a referendum on that law. The group says it fears harassment by gay rights supporters, some of whom have vowed to post signers' names on the Internet."
- Supreme Court to decide whether Wash. can release names of anti-gay rights petition signers - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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