Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stuff Happens, then it doesn't

That's the life of this theater. Plays generally only last 6 to 8 weeks. Just when you're having a good time, time for another.

Stuff Happens has been especially fun for me. This is a great cast that's very politically aware, especially of the importance of the material they're working with. I've had some great hallway discussions with Keith Carradine, John Michael Higgins, John Vickery, Stephen Spinella, Brian George, Jay Harrik, Alan Oppenheimer, Julian Sands and my friend from Lion King, the original Scar on Broadway, John Vickery. We've all been talking about the Valerie Plame case with great interest and hope that this is the case they'll all get caught on.

I encourage everyone I know to go see this when it goes to New York. The cast may change a little when it heads to Broadway, but one thing's for sure. This play will make you think. And laugh. And worry.

I'd like to thank everyone here at the Taper on this run. As a very political stagehand, I must say this has been my favorite play of all the ones I've worked on, and you all made it that way.

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