Thursday, July 07, 2005

Backstage Conversations about a Character Not in the Play

This past Sunday, I broke the breaking news about Rove being the leak in the Valerie Plame crime to the actors backstage at the Mark Taper Forum, where the play Stuff Happens is in its last two weeks. It was weird. I was telling George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney that Karl Rove probably broke the law by leaking Valerie Plame's cover to the press.

Well, I was telling the actors who play those parts. It's a shame there's no Karl Rove in the play. It would have been positively surreal to tell that actor that his character was, hopefully, only weeks away from the Frog March.

Backstage at the Taper being a decidedly Blue State, there was a sense of eagerness, which has now, a few days later, settled into a kind of cynical hope. We've all realized that these sleaze bags are going to get the best lawyers in the world to try to weazel them out of this.

It's a complicated deal, indeed. Democrats have such simple scandals. Republicans know how to keep the public interested in kidnapped children or 'Lil Kim. They make their scandals excrutiatingly complicated.

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